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  1. How do i do that and are you referring to the WD IDE DRIVE that i originally tried to install?
  2. Replacing the failed hard drive. The failed hard drive was installed by a local security company. Only had the dvr a week when it failed
  3. C&P? I have followed all of those steps already with the same result. I have read that no one has been able to use western digital ide drives and make them work but the same person used a seagate 1tb in a DM D4 using a sata to ide adapter.... Please advise Thank you
  4. Will a 320gb sata segate work with a sata to ide adapter in a DM eco4?? I ordered a 130gb western digital ide and cannot get it to work either!! i have a 320gb seagate sata and would rather use it than buying a new ide hdd
  5. NEW WESTERN DIGITAL HARD DRIVE NOT WORKING IN DM ECO4 Just replaced hard drive, created partition, install and extracted firmware from DM website (D4CR) and restalled in DVR and same error "Disk Problem - May be wrong FAT version suggest using monitor to reformat disk." seen another post on here about western digital IDE drives are really just sata drives with Ide adapters and wont work. I bought the dvr used from a local security company and they had installed a replacment drive which was a WD 40 gb. when it failed i figured i would buy the same brand it had and upgraded to a WD 130gb. Is there anyway of making this HDD work or am i just up the creek without a paddle? THANKS IN ADVANCE!