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  1. hi i have a camera pointing down at my car its http://discountcctvsupplier.co.uk/cctv-bullet-camera-1080p-sony-starvis-60m-night-vision-wide-dynamic-range-for-hd-tvi-cvi-ahd-analogue-dvr-outdoor/starvis the problem is at night when a car goes past the headlights cause the camera to change from night to day and for some reason when it changes from night to day / day to night it goes black for about 20 seconds . any sugestions would be great. thanks
  2. montyfert

    Annek DG41nc fps help please

    i have exactly the same problem silly thing
  3. montyfert

    new camera problem

    tried that it didn't make a difference, Hi set both to 7 Also take into account playback on that dvr is only 10fps it should record at 1080p 15fps . or 180n 30fps the other 2 cameras are recording at 25fps
  4. montyfert

    new camera problem

    tried that it didn't make a difference,
  5. montyfert

    new camera problem

    hi i have an annke dvr i have 1 1080p cvi camera by the front door 25fps 1 960p camera by the back door 25fps 1 960p camera on the car25fps i replaced the one on the car with a 1080p cvi sony starvis camera and now the fps on the front door cvi camera has dropped to 7fps and wont go higher than 7fps, silly thing. if i remove the new 1080p cvi camera i can change front door camera to 25fps , but not with the new camera conected. hope someone can help as i am pulling my hair out and annke are useless . here is a link to my dvr . http://www.annke.com/annke-4ch-1080p-ahd-security-system-dg41nc.html
  6. montyfert

    help with kpd675

    hi just bought a kpd675 . i have two cameras connected. i want to record all the time from camera 1 and record on motion detect only on camera 2 so far i can get it to motion detect record camera 2 but when i put camera 1 to record all the time it records camera 2 all the time too . silly thing please help its driving me up the wall