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  1. Don't worry now, found out the answer myself.
  2. I have a 16 channel DVR, http://platinum-cctv.com/16_Camera_Network_Standalone_DVR.asp Model DVR-8816RT with a 2TB HD installed on the sata 2 connection and a DVD on sata 1. Due to running so many cameras i can only record for a week, so i brought another 2TB HD to add to it. Now the question are all DVR different, or can i just add this new hard drive to the DVR and all be ok, or as the DVR is set to record over old data will it cause an issue. I would like to use the new hard drive as the master drive (if there such a thing) so its used first to record on and then uses the older drive. The new drive a a WD red drive so i rather this drive get he main bulk of use. So if i put my new drive on sata 2 and move the current one to sata 3 ail it cause issues as the data of recordings will not be in order, or are DVR system cleaver enough to just see it as data on the drives and not record over the current data until the week has gone by. Thanks
  3. I think zmodo made the software if thats any help to you. I have not seen it for sale, but i had it come with my DVR, as said thou the older version i was sent with mine did not work, until they updated it. Not sure if its something that is for sale, or bundles with certain DVR systems, can always fire you a copy to test with.
  4. There is a Software call DVRplayer for Mac, which works on some DVR system, maybe worth a try, i know that the old version 1.1.4 did not work on my macbook 10.8.4, but the newer version 1.2.4 does work fine.
  5. M3NF

    Best DVR for Mac OS

    Not sure is ok to post links to eBay but if not please delete. I brought this system about 2 weeks ago, i am running osx 10.8.4 beta and this works fine. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281094150364 You will need to make sure they email the latest update for Mac software (DVRplayer 1.2.4) It runs rather well on my Macbook Pro, there are some limitations, IE masking is not able to be done via the mac side. But for 90% of all operations it works fine. Its a great interface allowing you to use one software to record and playback without the need for different software. It may not be perfect i know but it the best system i seen allow most of Mac software and the dvr features.
  6. I just brought a basic 3d PTZ keyboard, and plan to use standard cat 5 cable to run from the camera to the keyboard, but i am a little concerned about the strength of the wire when its put to the keyboard terminals. Can any one suggest a better way to connect the wire to the keyboard rs485 port as i can see the wire braking easily. I thought of using a heavy duty wire from the keyboard to another connector and then solder on the male to the cat 5 cable so that would come apart before the wire itself broke. Any help and ideas would be great. Thanks
  7. M3NF

    CCTV converting file

    I used the following software that comes with my DVR systems, there are 2 different ones, so maybe one will work for you. http://www.neighbourhood-watch.net/Player.zip You can add the file to the program and then convert it to avi from both of them.
  8. I just wanted to update this post as i wanted to personally check with the ICO where PTZ cameras stand and legal issue using them. I can confirm you can use these for residential without having to get registered, even if they are used for non profit groups like i wanted to (Neighbourhood Watch groups) as long as you place signs up saying the use you are legal to install them. The only requirement for rented people is getting permission from who you pay the rent to as you will need to drill and so on. Make sure you ask for this in letter form so you have proof of this. Advice was given not to monitor the system and spy on people but to set it up with a scan/sweep to cover the areas you need. Also use masking for private rooms if camera sweeps these.
  9. Thanks for your reply, the problem is i been asked by about 5-6 residents now to cover there homes that live a little distance so i would need for to zoom with a fixed camera, the main reason i wanted a PTZ would be to program it to go from one house to the next, allowing just one camera to do the job of 6, plus if more people wanted homes covered i could easily change the program.
  10. If possible i still would like any help from someone, i like to hopefully place an order from eBay or another company that can supply me with a camera in the costs range of £200-250.
  11. Basically you can install a CCTV system for residential use on your own property and you do not need to get permission.... but if you rent you will need permission from who you rent from. More details.... If your camera is installed on your residential property and being used for their own personal domestic use, you are not breaching the Data Protection Act, this is what CCTV System fall under legally. This is because the use of CCTV cameras for domestic security purposes is exempt from the data protection principles. This applies when a person uses CCTV to protect their home from burglary, even if the camera overlooks the street or other areas near their home. If however you rent your home from a private landlord, council, or housing association then you will need to have permission from them first, as you would require fitting to properties that you do not own. The Information Commissioner has indicated that CCTV systems installed on domestic dwellings does not require to be registered. You do not need to register your system with the police, but we would advice you let the local police know you do have access to CCTV for your area. http://ico.org.uk/for_the_public/topic_specific_guides/cctv
  12. M3NF

    Why is CCTV interesting to you?

    Amazing thread, and some great stories too. I brought my first system for home use, i have 2 kids with special needs and every time they left the house we moved too they were picked on. After living her for a few months and my children not enjoying the out door life as they should I decided to talk to some local residents and found out we live in a bad area . Speaking to police and then made the jump to installing a basic cctv system with just 2 cameras to allow my children piece of mind. Its was a huge step forward, my kids actually went out knowing if there was an issue i could deal with it, i did not have to attempt to make head or tails of what really happened and it cleared up the issues. Now i taken on neighbourhood watch in our area and have upgraded to a 8 channel system which have caught so many issues from theft to anti social behaviour. The local police love what we have done, the neighbours even said they would chip in towards the costs, and now we moving to a 16 channel system to help more of our neighbours. Its piece of mind for all my family and neighbours that are worth the time, i could never go back to the fact how it really changes the way people act once they know there cameras on them, the issues have dropped so much, the bad side is that they just moved to another area and the trouble now worse for others.
  13. First can i say hi to everyone, and i found some great articles from the forum. I run a NHW (Neighbourhood Watch) group and been using CCTV for the last 4 years now, with some great results. My current setup is a unbranded 8 channel cif 16fps recorder link with 8 x 480 tvl 6mm IR cameras. I decided its time to upgrade to allow me to add more cameras, and improve quality. I just brought a 16 channel D1 25fps per channel DVR and also 3 new anti vandal dome camera's (600tvl 6mm lens again) but i would like to also add a PTZ camera that can focus more of cars entering our area. I have a good clear run of the road to use a PTZ, i will be locating it about 20-30 meters from the DVR and read i will need to upgrade the psu to cope with the drop in voltage. From all my readings so far i now know what i would need. It will need to be outdoor with IR capability, but able to have at least a 10x optical zoom, from my understanding tvl is not so important but a better lens is more needed. Is this correct ? I have a max of £200 on a single PTZ as this will be coming out of my own pocket. When looking at cameras (via eBay) its hard to get something within this price group (even harder locally sourced), am i over reaching trying to get something at the price level, or am i aiming to high spec and will have to lower my requirements. When i look at the PTZ cameras i still unsure what the important info i am needing to check first, would i be correct in saying Lens ( f=3.9-85.8mm) then Sensor size (Sony 1/3" Exvierw CCD Effio DSP) then TVL, or would it be a different way ? Any advice would be great, i am from the UK if that helps any, any links to cameras would also be great if allowed. Thank you Mathew