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  1. ayoubtt

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Yes I can definitely see the visual difference but i there difference in operation too? I mean if baluns are just meant for termination then the adapters are doing the same thing. Will have to look into that.. any other suggestions anyone ? UPDATE: Just did some reading into baluns and I think that they might be the reason. I will order some and test them and post the results to you guys as it might help someone else in a similar problem.
  2. ayoubtt

    Interference on cams over CAT5

    Hi everyone, my googling got me to this page. Im a complete newbie to cctv but have some networking experience using cat 5. In a recent installation I decided to use cat6 cable. Everything hooked up and started working but I got the same crosstalk interference as mentioned in this thread. I ran two coax+2 cables to two cameras and they are working fine. - I used orange/white pair + brown/white pair for positive and negative power. And the green/white + blue/white pairs for video. - I used BNC Male connectors on both ends Like this one - http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/supercontact/product-detailFbeJvQIzbopg/China-BNC-Plug-BNC-Adaptor.html -And power connectors male and female on both ends like the following: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Female-DC-Power-Adapter-for-Cat-5-CCTV-Brand-New-/111046402988?pt=UK_CCTV&hash=item19dae1a3ac - Power was from two power adapters each split 4 ways -8 channel avtech dvr - sony effio 700tvl day night colour dome cameras. ( All outside round the perimeter) Cant seem to understand where I went wrong.. is there any difference between baluns and the connectors which I used ? Any help will be much appreciated