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    NV5000 lite I/O functions help

    I have an NV5000 lite and also have the audio daughter card with the I/O capability for sensors and relays. I would like to make use of the I/O functions by connecting a couple of PIR sensors and a door sensor. I'd then want the system to record when something sets off the PIR or when the door is opened. I can probably work out the software side of things, but I'm not sure about the hardware side. Does anyone have any information on connecting sensors to the system? Do I need a certain type of PIR/Door sensor or will most types work? Below is the pin out for the I/O connector on the card. As I don't yet have the PIR & Door sensors I'm not sure what wires they would have so hoping someone can give me an idea of what to expect and where things should be connected. Pinout on the card: 1: INPUT SIGNAL 1+ 2: INPUT SIGNAL 2+ 3: INPUT SIGNAL 3+ 4: INPUT SIGNAL 4+ 5: OUTPUT 3 - Normally Closed 6: INPUT SIGNAL 1- (GND) 7: INPUT SIGNAL 2- (GND) 8: INPUT SIGNAL 3- (GND) 9: INPUT SIGNAL 4- (GND) 10: OUTPUT 3 - Common 11: OUTPUT 1 - Normally Open 12: OUTPUT 1 - Common 13: OUTPUT 2 - Normally Open 14: OUTPUT 2 - Common 15: OUTPUT 3 - Normally Open Thanks in advance for any help.