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  1. dongmgo

    :?: Reseting 16 Ch 36566V DVR

    bump!....Need help guys .... same problem as above. tnx
  2. dongmgo

    Generic DVR password reset

    Thanks for that invaluable reminder sure to follow that advise. Though this is my new client, I wanted to help him. Hope somebody can help me with this DVR reset thing ...
  3. dongmgo

    :?: Reseting 16 Ch 36566V DVR

    I have similar problem as above ... with same screen shots and Ckt boards but I think the model I have is UV-L6566V (unique vision?) 16ch DVR. Please help me reset my dvr to default. I can not access the admin menu. Thank you.
  4. dongmgo

    Generic DVR password reset

    Please help me find ways to reset the password for this DVR. I'm not sure what is the brand name but my client could not access the recording. I need to access the advance menu. Thanks
  5. I think this is AVTECH KPD 798 or 796 I know i saw a thread on how to reset the DVR here. just look for it.