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  1. Wilwave

    3D Sensing for Security System Design?

    It would be useful to reduce bandwith demand of HD cameras. You'd need 3 cameras, reduce the image depth to 4 bit which would lower the background to basically clipart quality, create geometric objects from it and reduce bitmap colors down to 16 colors. Create a fractal of the basic background geometry and imbed that formula into the recorded video stream which is processed only on playback. Motion areas remain in 1080p but the rest of the scene is like a cartoon. Photo snaps, once a second, if detail is needed, in a separate file. 3D scene exported to .dxf or sketchup. If you're not doing it I will
  2. Wilwave

    CCTV Taxi Driver

    Flex, Look at the Averdigi EH1004H. It's about $300, runs off 12v DC, can do HD IP cams or analogue and is only 9" x 6".
  3. Has anyone tried IP compatibility with this new camera? I'm assuming Averdigi is only updating their IP list once a year as usual. Can't get the new Panny VLP104 HD to work even with Onvif....had to go to external NVR software on top of the NV-6480 DVR software. CPU's running at 100 percent and I feel like a sadist.
  4. Wilwave

    Do you have a preferred Aver software version?

    Posguy, Be grateful it even works in IE. Don't hold your breath on an updated web gui. I'm lucky if I can get a new HD IP cam to be compatible with the 6480 even with Onvif. It's a pain in the ass but the remote console should be downloaded on the computer you're using to monitor, and has better picture quality then the IE interface.