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  1. Does anyone have firmware that will allow my Dahula NVR-3216 to work with Internet Explorer 11? Currently running General_NVR3xxx_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.6.R.20130718.bin
  2. I have a NVR3216 and currently use iDMSS on my iPhone My distributor said they were going to update the software on the Dahua NVR to work on the same viewing software as other Standard DVR and SDI VDR's. Programs like BroView, SuperLiveIPC, SupercamLive Has anyone heard this? Is anyone currently doing this? Thanks
  3. I used the Configtool and my NVR3216 took the update with no problems. Thanks
  4. fdnyfish

    Dahua firmware

    It's legit, I just stumbled on the forum after looking for some help
  5. My firmware is also 10-31-2012
  6. I have a NVR 3216 When I rip video from the DVR it gives me a DAV file. Player exports it to AVI. But I am unable to edit the AVI using Windows movie maker or Adobe Premiere Elements 11 What codec can I use to edit the AVI clips?
  7. fdnyfish

    Dahua firmware

    Device Type IPC-HFW2100 Software Version 2.100.0001.0.R, build : 2012-10-31 WEB Version Format: NTSC https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16362986/General_IPC-HX2XXX_Eng_N_BootSpi_V2.100.0001.0.R.20121031%20(1).bin
  8. I changed to CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS like you suggested and it looks better
  9. I disabled SCENE MODE and it gave me green grass again. Also lowered Saturation from the default 50 to 30
  10. video is the same from the NVR or directly thru the camera. I reset the camera from the reset button and the video is the same.
  11. I have 4 HFW2100's and a NVR3216 2 of my camera's have a PURPLE IMAGE (Top 2 Images) Notice how green the grass is on the lower 2 Any ideas how to fix these?