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  1. Anyone knows if i can use it on the 3216p???
  2. chubros

    Dahua firmware

    The strange thing is that when i ping the camera at the i take some ping replies for some seconds. For this seconds i could telnet the cam but the cam restarts and the telnet loses connection. I dont know if there is a special cable for connecting the cam to pc via a rs232(pc) and ethernet(cam) and run tftp like software.... Inside the cam i had also a 4 pin connector like this in your photo but i cant understand what it is...
  3. chubros

    Dahua firmware

    Hello from Greece. I have the dahua hfw3200sn. I flash it with a wrong firmware and the cam stop working. I open it to find the 3 pin's for rs232 but i can't find any. Did anyone have an idea? Also did someone have a correct firmware for this cam? I 'm desperate...Thanks in advance...