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  1. barney10080

    Hik 8mp TVI Camera

    I’f I go down that route i’ll be looking to replace with the compatible dvr DS-7204HTHI-K1 with 2tb HD. Have you had any experience with the 8mp TVI cameras Tom?
  2. barney10080

    Hik 8mp TVI Camera

    Hi has any one used the new HIK DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF? Looking to possible upgrade from the existing 2mp versions of the same camera? Thanks
  3. Hi is there anyone on here that could please help with this? Thanks
  4. Hi can anyone help with this? Thanks
  5. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm looking at designing a system for a relative. They only have a limited budget. I've spec'd the below: 2 x Hikvision 6mm DS-2CE56D7T-ITM 2 x Hikvision 3.6mm DS-2CE56D7T-ITM Tvi 5mp 1Tb Dvr DS-7204HUHI-F1/S I have chosen the camera as it seems to be fairly small so it won't stand out soar thumb. The dvr has been chosen so it will record 25 fps I have struggled to find a dvr that will record above 12.5fps that is a reasonable price. Im struggling with the power supply. The draw will be no more than 2amp from the 4 cameras even with the Ir on which one camera will be kept in Colour due to its location. I've found the below power supply which is 3amp which gives plenty over the requirements. POWERPAX SW4414 12V 3A Switch Mode Power Supply, UK Plug - 2.1mm My only concern is that it isn't fused. The equipment will be under a tv cabinet (well vented) which won't have room for the fused cabinet power supplies I've seen. Does it require a fused power supply for the cameras? If so can you buy smaller fused power supplies or even an inline fuse? Any help would be appreciated even with the specs of the camera and dvr if could choose better items. Thanks in advance. I'm unsure of
  7. Hi, I've currently got a couple of Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I 6mm lens viewing a nestbox and feeder. I would like to get sharper images of the birds as they fly in and out of the view. Would I be looking to change the exposure setting? Thanks
  8. Just a quick update to my issue. I have now purchased an extra camera a Hik DS-2CD2542FWD-IS. It's a dome with built in mic. This has allowed for a neat camera and microphone solution which just uses the cat 5 cable directly from the Nvr which sends both audio and video.
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply. What are the audio in and out for on the rear of nvr then?
  10. Hi I have recently purchased a few new cameras and nvr. I have set up the cameras directly poe from the nvr which all works great. I know would like to re connect into one of the camera directly into my router to re configure it but I cant see it any more? I am trying to do this to be able to record audio directly to the nvr using the audio input on the back of the nvr. My thinking is I can change the setting on the camera to allow the nvr to record audio I cant change the settings under 'record' - 'parameters' to record audio and video. camera model - DS- 2CD2042WD-I NVR modl -DS - 7608NI-E2/8P/A Any help would be greatly appreciated.