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  1. yardleyrod

    Will someone please recommend a CCTV/DVR

    More info please.. Area of installation. Indoor? Outdoor? distance from DVR
  2. yardleyrod

    Viewing CCTV cameras remotely

    I Agree.. No on wireless.. But, I'm assuming you won't be using a DVR/NVR? what's the model of the PTZ you are planning on using? -Thanks
  3. I would buy from a warehouse store like Costco, BJs or Sams, or Microcenter if you have one around. They have great return and warranty policies I would buy from the following brand names; Swann, Q-See or Lorex. You can always use Newegg.com or Amazon.com for reviews and youtube for How to's. I agree with previous post of using 720-1080p and most packaged security systems are for indoor and outdoor use. -Good luck
  4. yardleyrod

    Help with a setup!

    WOW! is that your installer equipment prices are you the one doing the shopping? I can get all that equipment half the price with better quality (1080p). If you're willing to spend that much, i guess go with IP. Also, unless its part of the "installation and setup" don't forget about the connectors, wires and power source. -Good luck!
  5. I'm not sure and not my full time job but i've done plenty of jobs for small stores, houses warehouse and parking lots with no issues. but yet again, the most ive done other then minor drilling to hold the cable in place are 2 inch holes to get the cables coming from the outside cameras inside. I have my own supplier but i've installed Lorex, Swann and Q-See with great results. Check Costco or Microcenter (although it might be cheaper, I myself would not recommend Winbook or Nighowl) -Good Luck
  6. Looking into getting a couple of systems for future projects but not who to buy from.. any suggestions? I was looking into securitycameraking . com 123securityproducts . com or dh-vision .com thanks in advance!
  7. yardleyrod

    Is this a good buy?

    Looking to buy a 16 ch dvr. Is this a good buy? Cantek d1648 1tb http://www.123securityproducts.com/d1648-1tb.html Looking to purchase equipment for my future projects from this website. Are there products and prices good? Thanks in advance.
  8. Can you guys please recommend me websites where i can buy equipment for my future projects? I've been looking at SecurityCamerKing and 123securityproducts. thanks