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    Software Incompatible With Location

    The patch they provided on Geovision's website did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix the problem. Upgrading to a higher version didn't help (from 8.4 to 8.5.3) on a brand new install. For our issue with Windows 7 64-bit Premium (which GV said is not supported), we made the network to be a "home" network instead of "work". It has worked 4 days without a hitch. Thank god I did not have to sacrifice a chicken (this time).
  2. Hi everyone, GV 8.5 NVR 6 Analog cams (channels 1-5) 1 GV MFD130 IP cam (channel 6) Users: --"user" = limited user --"owner" = supervisor Scenario 1: ========= ** User "user" which is a restricted user is logged in at the NVR. ** Its privileges are only camera 1 locally, but all 6 cams remotely. ** User "owner" which is a supervisor logs in remotely using webcam. ** He can change to all cameras EXCEPT channel 6 where it hangs. Scenario 2: ========= Same issue as scenario 1 with Multiview except "Video Loss" shows instead of "Connect to Server..." and hanging. Scenario 3: ========= I have tested this with only being local to the network with laptop, instead of going through the internet and same failure. It seems like if NVR is locally logged in by a restricted user, IP cameras don't show remotely, no matter what privilege the remote user has. Has anyone seen this? I think this is a defect, unless I'm missing something obvious. Thank you for your input.
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    Does the GeoVision IP cam need a dongle?

    Rory, This is from the 8.3 Guide -- It looks like if you buy the GV IP cameras, there is no charge & 16 + 8 = 24 channels. If you use other brand cameras, you'd have to buy a license for each @ about $130 ea. See page 7: http://www.geovision.com.tw/upload/en/Datasheet_NVRV83.pdf.
  4. We have installed a Spectra Dome Nitrogen pressure from Pelco which works AWESOME. Our customer is a big time developer and has several yatchs he wants the same PTZ installed. But, (you know that was coming) he is often at sea at night and would like better visibility, so I am looking for recommendations on IR illuminators. I know Extreme makes a bunch and so does Pelco, but for marine applications is a bit different as water absorbs the IR light and the choppiness of water will further degrade the effectiveness. Does anyone have a recommendation that has worked well? I'm looking for actual install experience. Thanks in advance.
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    POS Solution for IP Surveillance

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I had forgotten about this post!!! We have been using GV IP POS overlay for a while now and are very disappointed in the interface and how clunky and small the integrated video is. In fact, we have stopped selling GV POS inserter and are actively looking for something with similar features. We typically use EPSON TM88 printers which are extremely common in the restaurant/retail environments. When using this device, the text all runs together. More importantly, it doesn't work if the POS device is sitting between the POS itself and pole display. So the only option is to use it between the POS and the printer and one has to print a receipt in order for it to show on the screen. This is problematic for many of the restaurants we work with. Here are the requirements we/our customers have: 1) Must be able to use the device without printing a receipt 2) Must be able to do text searches and correlate with video surveillance. a) This would come into play when the crooked bartender rings up a Cranberry juice and sells a Vodka Tonic and pockets the difference! b) Clerk scans a candy bar and sells a 12-pack Corona and puts $12.49 into their personal savings account courtesy of the store owner 3) Need to be able to use with Aimetis Alnet or other VMS software. I know there is NetTransact, but last time I checked, that was still vaporware and OnSSI would not release the actual diagrams on how it would work. I will check out Nuuo and see if it fits the needs. Thanks again for the heads up.
  6. We are moving away from analog and have almost converted to 100% IP solution. The problem is that there is very limited software solution for the POS integration (Net Transact from ONSSI). We are using Aimetis and wanted to know if there are any solutions with that, or anyone else that has used a POS integration with an IP solution. Also, using a Geovision NVR with IP cameras is not the best option. I want something with pure IP if possible. Thanks for your suggestions. -------------------------- Eyespye Security Solutions -------------------------- IP Security POS Integration Counter-Surveillance Fleet GPS Tracking Building Energy Audit 503.245.1234
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    IR Recommendation for Marine Application

    Are you talking about the some type of flood light? I am not sure how wide and far those will illuminate. Do you have any recommendations? Can you think of any pros and cons? Thanks in advance.
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    Geovision Data Capture v3e and printer

    Hi Pat, We install about 10 of these a month and the only way to do this is to connect it to a different serial/parallel port and then configure your POS software to use a Pole Display. POS-X has some relatively inexpensive pole displays for about $125 for serial or parallel. Peruse eBay or even Craigslist Web sites and you might find some pretty cheap. I can walk you thourgh the POS configuration, if it's something we've integrated before.
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    GV800 8.2 Audio Does Not Show

    Ended up rebuilding the system from scratch. I uninstalled and reinstalled 8.2 about 6 times including deleting registry keys, *.ini files and anything else they had in their instructions.
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    GV800 8.2 Audio Does Not Show

    Hello, I have a problem that GV tech support cannot help with. It seems that their only solution to problems they can't solve is to rebuild the OS or get a different PC or reinstall the software!!! We have a new HP PC with Dual-Core AMD chips, 2GB RAM and 500GB HDD split in 2. It also has onboard sound card which works just fine and I can play all kinds of sounds coming out of the PC. The problem is that when we try to configure audio in the 8.2 interface, it does not have the option for audio. It simply doesn't show. Any help is appreciated.
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    OnSSI experiences...please

    Hello, Your client speed depends on a lot of factors. It depends on their PC speed, RAM and DSL. What we have done on every OnSSI install is to do a proof-of-concept with one camera first (you get a 30 day license and two free cameras from them) and see how that works; then, you can go and deploy a larger environment.
  12. Folks, I'd like your expert opinion on which wireless system to use. We're going with the following: =GV/HP DVR =6 Sanyo DN with Rainbow Lens =Outdoor housing with HB =Some type of 900Mhz Wireless system to minimize interference I would like a suggestion for a wireless system that can go about 1000 feet, with a few power poles and relatively no trees. Thanks in advance.
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    cctv help

    Try the GeoVision cards. We use them in most of our PC-based installs. For retail shops, there is also a POS box that basically overlays the POS transaction information on top of the video so you can tell what they rung up (or not!) Just try to make sure you don't buy a counterfit, although some of them are pretty hard to tell. GeoVision has a way to spot counterfit cards, so you might want to peruse their site.
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    Unless you're in the gaming industry, we never recommend recording @ 30FPS. Frame rates of 5-10 should be plenty to capture what you're trying to see. The 120FPS advertised capture rate is also usually for CIF resolution, not D1.
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    need help choosing a camera

    Carl, Security is not just about cameras! Lighting should be taken into consideration. We just did a job in Tacoma where they had a lot of vandalism and two dinky lights. We had them trim some trees and bushes, cut down one tree that was a huge obstruction and replace the dinky lights with motion sensing halogen lights. It was a total make over for the place in addition to the 32 cameras we installed. Bottom line is that cameras are not always the be-all-end-all answer!
  16. eyespye.security

    need help choosing a camera

    You might want to use vandal-proof/resistant cameras, more particularly domes. You don't want the bad guys coming from the side yanking the mounting bracket off. Although that is still doable with the VR domes, it is a bit harder. You can find some generic brands in different stores at about $100 USD each. Make sure you run your wires inside the walls and nothings hangs outside so it can be cut. If you have to run wires along the house, make sure you use some type of cut-resistant flexible or rigid conduit (not PVC) and tuck it away.
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    Need some help

    There are a lot of complexities that go into not only implementing a large installation such as this, but also monitoring it. Security cameras are great (obviously), but looking at them with some meaningful intentions is completely a different beast. One thing your company/boss should keep in mind is who is going to monitor this? Will it be some poor guy stuck in front of a TV, or will you be hiring security professionals to do the monitoring? Or will it be outsourced to some company that does surveillance monitoring? I'd concur with the previous post that it is best to break them up in 4 or 8s. If you go to large buildings, you'll see that each security has typically 4 channels and certainly not more than 8. We have done some large installations, so I'd be glad to talk with you about it - just send me a PM. Also, the other things you need to think about are: Where will all of this equipment be sitting? Who would have access to the room(s)? Do you have the necessary cooling/power for the hardware? Is all of this in the budget? The way our company approaches any installation, let alone something of this magnitude, is to to follow this process: ------------------------------------------------- Assess - evaluate the location, identify control points, categorize personnel/guest usage, and note main areas of concern. Interview - engage key personnel to collect various views on issues and needs. Audit - identify current policies and security procedures while highlighting known issues. Objectives - examine the issues that have prompted investing in a security solution. Design - identify the appropriate technologies and services and taylor them to the specific business requirements. Identify risks and limitations of the technologies. Plan - start planning and coordinating the project with all of the necessary parties. Produce a complete specification document along with all of the costs. Implement - test all equipment prior to deployment and install during a phased time line depending on the job complexity. Train - appropriate stakeholders are trained in the use of software systems and the key workings of hardware. Support - a trained professional team handles all activities from product/software use to repair of equipment. ------------------------------------------------- Bottom line: Your budget is a HUGE determining factor, because you can bascially accomplish the same thing from most of the brand-name technologies. We can get different manufacturers to compete against each other for better pricing. That is if you can find a manufacturer-agnosting integrator (for example, US!!! ) You can go off-brand if you have to keep the money on the lower end. Some of the off-brand products come with more warranty than the branded items. It all comes down to money and what is REALLY required. Again, feel free to PM me, or give me a call and I'll explain it more.
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    I need dvr 24/32 ch.(prices if possible-suggestions)

    I have used some embedded XP 32-channel DVR units and so far no complaints! PM me and I'll get you prices.
  19. eyespye.security

    Integrated DVR/LCD

    Folks, I'm interested in seeing the broader communities' views on integrated DVR/LCD units. We sell quite a few of these on a monthly basis, but over the past 6 months, 2 vendors have stopped manufacturing them for lack of expected sales. Any thoughts would be greately appreciated. Thanks.
  20. eyespye.security

    PC based DVR or Stand alone DVR

    I agree with securitymonster on most points as we install quite a few in retail locations with both the stand-alone and pc-based units. It all depends on who the manufacturer is and how much you're willing to spend. We've done comparisons of both our PC-based units (typically use Avemedia and Geovision) and stand-alones (the units we use are HIGH end) and they're comparible in functionality: --120FPS total (or 30FPS each channel) --Full Frame recording @ 30FPS each --Record resolutions of basic, find, superfine, ultra --Easy firmware upgrade via USB/Serial --Search functionality is quite similar to PC-based Additionally, you don't have to worry about PC upgrades, OS corruption, reboots due to updates, viruses. Plus the only moving parts are the hard drive and the fan - no other components are needed. Space savings are also an advantage. Nowadays, you can get integrated DVR/LCD as well where a 4-channel unit can include an LCD. We sell these like hot cakes. Caveats are that you can't use the stand-alone machine as a PC and surf the Web or do business software like MS Office or others. Private-message me if you need more specific information. PS, We also do PC-based systems, but typically when the business requires it. We have a lot of satisfied customers with the stand-alones. Just remember, garbage DVRs come in all sizes and shapes - both PC-based and stand-alone.
  21. eyespye.security

    3-Axis Gimball from Nuvico

    We recently did a few Quizno's in Oregon with the Nuvico 3-axis gimball dome cameras. I really love the ability to adjust all 3 axis of the lens. I wish other manufacturers would pay a royalty and incorporate that technology. It really makes the job so much easier.
  22. eyespye.security

    BNC to VGA

    Typically the quality would degrated substantially. LCD monitors with BNC are relatively cheap these days. Wal-mart has Maganavox for about $200 for a 17" LCD with BNC. Good luck.