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  1. just a FYI, those LED strips I was testing running 24/7 lasted around 6 months before catching fire
  2. a very long time ago I asked some industry professionals about their thought's on the Fisheye's, generally they came back and said they were crap
  3. The night's pretty good, a lot better than I've seen some cam's
  4. yeah that looks about right, how does it go at night?
  5. it's a Fisheye (so think pixel density) and the 12mp you got is one with a 1/2.3 sensor... I find the Dahua 1/1.7" sensor is way better than the Hik one, there are quite a few 4k cam's running around with 1/3 or near enough sensors which are absolute junk
  6. the powerline adapters are in pairs, so one would be installed near your NVR the other near the camera, I'm using it for a few and it works just fine
  7. PoE Gigabit is what I'd do, no-one should be buying 100mbit stuff anymore.
  8. it comes with a good Varifocal, the FOV and focus can be adjusted in the camera's web interface, so no need to spend time getting everything right while your up a ladder etc
  9. ok these things are crazy... there is a HUGE improvement, you want to download the two BMP's I've uploaded, then zoom in on an area to get an idea. 3mp http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t370/mgoodwinmr2/3mp_zpsc5a1t6ug.png 12mp http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t370/mgoodwinmr2/12mp_zps8oaksylr.png going to see what the Night vision is, and then I'll see what I can do about a youtube demo... going to be moving this thing around between a few sites demoing, so I'll get some views. when I get some time I'll post up some thoughts too.
  10. FYI the unit arrived at my normal site yesterday (it got here in 3 days... nice!) I'm overnighting it to the site I'm presently on to play with should have some sort of demo's or screen dumps tomorrow arvo
  11. well, I appreciate the effort, both to deal with the people who make "no good deed goes unpunished" happen, and to reply to this thread I'm actually a bit surprised there is so few enthusiasts playing around with this 8+mp stuff so (almost) anything from anyone is most welcome we have some 2CD-3332/2332's around so I'll see if I can throw up a direct comparo when mine turns up
  12. I really hope so... I'm really hoping that one of the big two get it right eventually... the Dahua gets the ability to use the full sensor right (IE a 4:3 12mp setting), but then it has the IR sensors under the dome which will have that reflection issue Dahua also told me that to get H265 encoding will require new hardware, so that's a bummer too. if I have the choice between 8mp + H265 and 12mp + H264 it'll be a close call, probably come down to Lens if they are a similar Sensor. I'm honestly a little surprised we don't have more people testing this stuff.
  13. should ship today, it seems they are not sending many out, so we might be one of the first, if it arrives end of next week I'll pop into work and pick it up to play with