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  1. I have a client with a Digital Watchdog 8500GB DVR, the unit powers up(beeps with green led only) but dvr fails to display image(no signal) or connect to network and tech support had no answers. I have requested an rma for repair, but the client is unwilling to send the unit back with the hard drive, feels uncomfortable with data already on the HDD. Not sure how to handle this one, any comment appreciated.
  2. shakabrah1213

    Best DVR for Mac OS

    Looking for a DVR recommendation that works great with Mac OS. Need it to be able to remote access on any Mac Computer and have not only live view and playback,but also have full access to settings ( adjusting channel masking, schedules, email notification with image and not only text. etc.) So far CCTV Pros 4 ch DVR not really performing for our needs. Read other post on AVTech, where does one get info on this or where to buy, also I heard of Vitek. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. shakabrah1213

    Digital Watchdog 12x PTZ

    Thanks for that info, however I didn't want to purchase the ptz just to test it in low light conditions, I was hoping someone can confirm that it will or will not work. I looked at other post on ir illuminators and some recommended ebay and others recommended $500 solutions, untop of the price for a low light technology ptz. I may even just add more ir bullets 9mm-22mm vf lenses.
  4. shakabrah1213

    Digital Watchdog 12x PTZ

    I am needing information on a Digital Watchdog 12x PTZ for an outdoor application with little to no lighting. Do I need a IR illuminator to compensate for the low light condition? I currently have two IR bullets and would like to try the PTZ which would give me range, but I am concerned I may not have enough lighting since the PTZ does not have IR's.