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  1. Hi, I need to replace a fastrax 2 E series PTZ Dome camera. I am unable to find the same camera in the market. I want to replace this camera with another compatible one. Well, I have a new camera nearly same as the one I need but the protocols seems different. Can I use this new camera to replace the faulty camera?? These are the protocols that i can select using the protocol selection switches of Faulty camera 0. F2, F2E, P, D, E & Ph Protocol (Default) 1. Reserved 2. S 422 3. Reserved 4. V protocol 5. Reserved 6. D Color 7. Reserved The protocols that I can select on new camera 0. WTX 1. WPD 2. WPP Is there any possibility that the new camera can be successfully replaced with faulty camera?? If the information that i provided is limited to come to a conclusion, please let me know... I'm a newbie Thanks!! sR