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  1. back to the OP... a person in our neighborhood build a watch system based upon this H.264 DVR and sony effio cams with up to 60mm lenses. we get quite clear LP images depending on cams.. course nothing like 720P. the unit has an internal telnet login root and xc3511 will get you access...(2 days john the ripper time on firmware updates I found and extracted). http://www.dnt-cctv.com/en/downLoads.aspx?classID=5 a program named sofia mangles all the internals of the DVR.. the files systems are NTFS(yech!!!) and the video stream appears to contain serialized .NET data(this is as far as I could go before I puked..).(i dont care for windows overly complicated programming minutae) On the plus side is all the libraries actually doing video appear to be intact from the His3511-3515 chip development kit(much more found in searches on pudn.com http://en.pudn.com/downloads290/sourcecode/multimedia/vfw/detail1306726_en.html but I dont want to pay for a subscription yet as I was planning to go to dahua(linux SDK) before I found out they discourage US sales. and a script to mount up an nfs mount on a 10 network is found on the unit making for easy code development on the unit if all the other details are bypassed... I could go on but I felt my time was best spent on units with active SDK effeorts for linux(non .NET based no NTFS file systems ) not windows oriented systems.