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  1. Hi, I've flashed on my 3204 (NOT P) model and it has worked like a charm. I've found the URL I need to use from the camera web interface using chrome developer tools (F12) and checking the SRC for the quicktime player. Anyway, it's worked really well and was worth the risk. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi, many thanks for your help. Is this the firmware for 3204 or 3204-P? I'm afraid of bricking my 3204 if I flush this firmware.
  3. Hi, I have an NVR-3204 and I can't figure out how to enter a customized URL. Here's a screenshot from the user manual (Note: The manual that came on the CD that came with this DVR): Now, here's a picture of the same screen on my DVR: Annoyingly, the DVR does not have a "General" manufacturer and none of the ones there actually allow you to enter a customized URL. This leaves me completely unable to add my camera to the DVR. Is there any way I can bring this feature? Any firmware I can flush, etc? The re-badger that "sold" the DVR is called Setik. Here's the URL if it helps. I have played around just about every setting on this thing and couldn't manage. rtsp:// I know the URL works because when I use it as a source and open it with VNC, it displays a live stream for my camera.