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  1. tim85

    PTZ Issue

    Hi Thanks for the reply ill try those trouble shooting tips next time on site Im not sure it would be the camera as the security guy says the picture is lost on whatever PTZ camera the zoom in on with i could try a spare camera just to rule that out. Thanks again for the reply
  2. Hi All Hopefully someone can help me here, I went to a job yesterday where the picture coming from a PTZ camera isn't great and another problem is when the camera is zoomed in on something the picture is lost and the camera needs to be reset. Can anyone help with this
  3. tim85

    Hi All

    Hi, I would just like to say hi I am new to the cctv discipline so thought this would be a way of gaining extra knowledge to back up what I pick up at work.
  4. tim85


    Hi, Im new to cctv and came across a job today where when the controller zooms in on a image the picture on the monitor goes black can anyone suggest what this could be. The image also has what looks like Interference. Any suggestions are welcome