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  1. shamsan2002

    PTZ cameras hung in the self test

    thanks Mr. kawboy, I will try your steps .. may be power problem ... becouse it is happen in the same place with different cameras!!!!! same times I miss simple logic >>> thank you
  2. dear sir , I have problem with 3 of 11 PTZ cameras I have in my cctv system .. when I switch off the sysem and them swich on all PTZ cameras star to do self test 3 cameras when reach the tilt check it stop moving and hung up , some times I go an bush the camera which hunge up it start move some times not ... when I try to check the camera in my control room it work nice and when I fix it in the site it do the same fault ... note I have 11 PTZ cameras same model ... thank to all....
  3. shamsan2002

    PTZ color image problem

    Dear shockwave199 : I do as you say but in this camera there is no such option … Dear joseph.chen0312 : I check DVR and camera setup the TV system is PAL … I think this problem is due to intensity of light around the camera or the dust on the glass of lens , Because by chance I clean one camera then color appear , but I try to do same thing to an other camera but no effect …thanks to all
  4. shamsan2002

    PTZ color image problem

    dear sir, shockwave199.. thank you for your quick replay ... I will try to do these steps .. and I will replay the results .. thank you.
  5. hello , I have been work on cctv with 9 PTZ camera (bessky model BE-SIR70H) these cameras in distance from 120 meters to 320 meters it work but all the cameras images are B&W (not colors) if any one can help me and tell me why all these cameras are in B&W not cokor . thank to all.