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  1. bayareawireguy

    Bay Area Wire Guy here

    Wass up CCTV people..... Installer for many years...converting from analog to IP.....To many problems with using baluns for analog cameras.... Using LTS security & Hikvision James www.bayareawireguy.com
  2. Installer here...i have installed Lorex whom I was told is manufactured by Hikvision and then LTE security said they OEM for Hikvision....Does anyone have a clue who the real maker is of these cameras? Do we care? How about the NVR..same front end? http://www.lorextechnology.com/High-Definition-IP-security-camera-for-NVR/prod330045.p?gclid=CJ7V15m4pb4CFQpgfgodBFkAiA http://www.hikvision.com/en/products_show.asp?id=7326 http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/en_us/product/1017.html
  3. I purchased the Lorex IP System and need additional cameras ..On another thread people were comparing the Swann & Lorex Has anyone confirmed whether or not the Swann Cameras are compatible with the Lorex IP system? Thanks Wire Guy