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  1. Evo

    Maintenance Contracts

    Thanks Do you have a link as I cant find it? Cheers
  2. Ive gone to a couple of training days at Paxton and they have really helped.
  3. Evo

    Maintenance Contracts

    Hi, I want to start ongoing maintenance contracts with my customers but wanted to know what other people do in terms of offering a one stop solution for covering the maintenance of the equipment they install. Do you find it profitable? Do you offer different packages? Gold Silver Bronze for example? Do you have a formula to work out what the cost would be based on the total value of the original order? Cheers Gaz
  4. Hi All We have just moved into a new office and I will be installing IP cameras in various locations around the building. I am just getting my feet wet in terms of understanding the network and and have started by plugging 2 computers into the network. The first is (Comp 1) and the second is (Comp 2). Im trying to establish if all my ports in the building can see each other in the long term and there are no VPN type things going on. So anyway. When I ping (Comp 1) using PC (Comp 2) i dont get a response BUT when I ping (Comp 2) from (Comp 1) I do get a reply. So one can ping the other but not the other way round. Now when I type ARP -a in (Comp 2) I can see (Comp 1) on the network, but I cant ping it?? Any ideas why that would happen?? Thankyou! Gaz
  5. I recently did an install for a customer who wanted the their NVRto run through their Sony TV. When I hooked it up there was no images coming through at all. After ringing technical they informed me that some TV,s wouldnt run with a HDMI recording device in order to stop piracy. This is because they are trying to stop people recording HDMI quality images and posting on torrent sites Is there any way around this? Cheers Evo
  6. Evo

    Hello - another UK entrant

    Cheers What are DVRs are you working with at the moment?
  7. Small all the way up to blue chip. I have a few potential deals on the table and need to cope with a sharp learning curve.
  8. Wow. Great feed back. I need to digest all the comments and research and I will respond with more questions. Money is not really a issue. The quality must be there. Im new to the industry and have landed some really big deals already so really having to cope with a 90 degree learning curve. Im looking to lay cable to light the whole driveway along with IP cameras and access control at the front gate. Im thinking fingerprint, fob, or swipe. Its a major job for me, Already installed 4 3mb ip cams at the house and this is next stage. My biggest headache so far is that I couldn't set up remote access to the cams as they have 8 routers at the house using BT ADSL. No user names or passwords and also I don't know where the first point of access is to the house. not good but that's a different topic lol
  9. Hi there, I have an issue where someone wants a IP camera placed on their front gate to their home. The only issue is that the driveway is over 800 meters long. They are looking to have cabling put down their driveway to install lighting so I thought I could piggy back on that run. Question is can I run Ethernet cable along that length? if we say 900 meters and I use extenders will that be enough? Do the extenders need to be powered or are they stand alone. Cheers
  10. Hi There, My company is UK based and im looking to move into the Access control side of security. Im looking for advice on what brands I should be looking to work with along with good distributors with good tech support. Also when looking for engineers what kind of backgrounds and qualifications are most useful when looking to send people on courses. And for that matter where can I send my guys for the best training? Cheers
  11. Evo

    Hello - another UK entrant

    Hi there, Im also new to the industry. Do you have any good internet sources or magazines that you find helpful?
  12. Evo

    Hi from UK

    Hi im new to the industry and need to quickly learn all aspects of the CCTV world. I shall be using this forum daily to learn but what other sources can i use such as Magazines, guides and internet sites to to start getting really up to date with all the latest equipment and even legislation regarding CCTV. Hope I can get lots of info from here Cheers Gareth