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  1. Interesting articles and definitely something we as installers and integrators need to be aware of.
  2. Hey TWG Thanks for the link and for being awesome in general. I don't doubt that Louroe will be the top choice, but I'm looking for something a bit more budget friendly and accessible in Europe. It seems like I might have to make it myself
  3. Hi! I need a cheap solution for adding 2-way audio to a surveillance system. I have searched the internet, but haven't found the right solution yet, so perhaps you could help me. The best solution would be a small 2-way audio device with both speaker and microphone. It will be used with a Dahua NVR or IPC and primarely for the consumer segment. Any recommendations?
  4. Yes - however, it's not the solution
  5. I have installed several (20+) of the 2300R-Z over the last couple of months, and all are running smoothly. Software Version_ 2.420.0006.0.R, build : 2015-03-11 WEB Version: ONVIF Version: 2.4.1 I've sent you a PM
  6. Moensted

    Opening backup files on computer

    You must be opening the .DAV files. You can open the recordings with PSS, Smart PSS and the generic player Best regards
  7. You could try a different firmware in the cameras instead?
  8. What's the shutterspeed? Feel free to send me a PM instead - we can post the solution if we find one
  9. Moensted

    A hearty hello

    Hi All I've been using this forum for a while, and it has been a great help in several cases so far. I started my own business 1½ year ago, and I'm focused on CCTV, primarily for the SMB market. My background is in retail, sales and tech support. I've mostly worked with Dahua products since the introduction to the Danish market, but naturally I have also had my hands on several other brands. I hope I will be able to help others, as much as I've been helped here. Best regards
  10. Can you supply a snapshot of the conditions, in which the camera is installed?
  11. I recently experienced something similar, and just tried it again to test my thesis. Setup: Dahua IPC-K100W 2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-14 NVR: Dahua NVR4108-P System Version:3.201.0000.0.R Build Date:2015-11-20 After upgrading NVR to the above version, the K100W startet rebooting constantly when connected to the NVR using the generic Dahua protocol. When I terminated the connection between the NVR and IPC, the IPC worked fine. However, when I changed it to the ONVIF instead, the camera stopped "bugging" while connected to the NVR. I suspect the firmwares are not compatible, perhaps you have the same issue. BR
  12. Scenario 1: Buy a NVR with a built-in PoE switch, which can power the cameras over the cat5 cable. Connect the LAN port to your network (not from the PoE ports) Scenario 2: Buy a NVR and a separate PoE switch, which can power the cameras over the cat5 cable. Connect the LAN port of the NVR to the switch and from your network to the switch as well. Your computer will then be able to access it via the IP address. If this makes no sense to you, I recommend contacting an installer that can aid you in your endeavour. Best of luck
  13. You're probably right. Thanks anyway
  14. Thank you for your reply. I've made a quick test and unfortunately it was negative. Setup: Dahua NVR4104-P and IPC-HDBW4421 1. Set Code-Stream type of Regular to 1 FPS and lowest BR. 2. Set Code-Stream type of Motion to 20 FPS and normal BR. The MD recordings were in 1 FPS and not 20 FPS. Please advice
  15. Hi all First of all, I must say I love this forum. It's nice to see other "nerds" Usually I see myself as a Dahua "expert", but I'm looking for a solution I have not tried before. Explanation: Customer has 2 remote locations with 1 camera each, from which he needs to stream to an NVR at his office. However, he wishes to use a 4G/LTE broadband router, which means it would be expensive as hell to stream continously. Question: Is it possible to make the camera stream MD events only, to lower the generel consumption? I prefer using Dahua cameras, but if there is a better solution I'm up for trying that.