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  1. Dear All, I found this old post becase I have the same problem. After I changed Smartphone, android 6.0.1, and I reinstall gDMSS plus 3.44.002 I can't manage the push notifications. Sometimes I receive messages but not always, Can I install an old version of gDMSS or there are any others solutions ? Thanks a lot ! Best Regards W.
  2. Dear MindTwist I confirm that gdmss plus 3.21.000 running on my htc with Android 4.1.1 solve push notification problem. Thanks for your reply. Bye W.
  3. Dahua's tech support is probably the worst of the name-brand cams, unfortunately. Your seller is your primary support, and factory support is pretty close to non-existent. if I decide to Return used all products purchased, which brand do you recommend? Bye
  4. Hi all, I'm continuing to investigate to this problem becasue I really need to repair it ! This afternoon I make a test using wireshark (network analyer) from my smartphone and NVR. below we write only the most important details: smartphone -> NVR: admin and password (clear text) and Random number, 12 digits NVR->smarphone: authorization number and its mac address ... NVR->smartphone: NVR firmware version .... smartphone-> NVR: id , session , method and "Mobile notification" ! NVR-> smartphone: id, parameter NULL, result TRUE !!!! .. as you can see in these packets there aren't any error and its seems that mobile push is enable ... but I do not get any event on my phone. How can 'contact Dahua to ask for explanations? Why Dahua not fix these bugs? My seller doesn't help me I can and I'm thinking of returning it all and ask for a refund. What do you advise me? Thanks a lot ! Bye
  5. Hi all, I've got a similar problem with my IPC-HW2100 camera connected to NVR3204-POE, I realized that night I saw a dark image, after some call to my seller I discover about Day/Night parameter inside NVR and into Camera. This parameter was set to DAY. The strange thing is that if you set this parameter to NORMAL the next day is again set to DAY. Why ? Many thanks in adavance for your help. Bye Enrico
  6. becchett

    Firmware for Dahua Dvrs

    Hi all, I've open a new thread for a similar question: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=39519 anybody can help me ? thanks a lot Bye Enrico
  7. I've got the same problem from my LAN , when I'm at home my smartpone and NVR are in the same subnet. I'm desperate and a little angry at my seller, they do not have provided me with a good support. I've done the reset and are already broken down by configuring the NVR using LCD monitors connected to the device. I have made many attempts but I just can not receive events on your smartphone, I can receive email with snapshots but unfortunately I can not use this feature because it seems that it is not activated by smartphone, is that correct? Exists some guide or manual specific to this problem that can help me? thanks a lot !!!! Bye
  8. only from NVR because my extra stream recording was disabled...but now I have enable this feature and I also can see playback from gDMSS plus. many thanks
  9. yes yes... in the main menu there is "PUSH CONFIG" then I can choose device name previos defined and then I see four option: Motion Detection Mascherading camera local alaram hdd alarm within these options there are 4 camea, I tick inside MD on all 4 camera but my smartphone doesn't receive alarm. NVR 3204 records all MD event and then I can show every video. thanks a lot !! Bye
  10. Dear All, Months ago I setup my home video survelliance system by combining some DAHUA products: NVR 3204P, 2x IPC-HW2100 and 1x IPC-K100-W; I also setup my router ADSL to allow access from my smartphone to NVR, my smartphone is HTC One S with android 4.1.1 and I use gDMSS pro. I can now remote access from my smartphone to NVR and I can see realt time videos. Some months ago I remebers I was able to receive events generated from Motion Detection to my smartphone. These events were very useful because first they allarmed me about any action (MD driven), then they showed me brief shots any time an alarm setoff. Now I lost these settings and I can't get any events any more. Are there any guys that can help me to reactivate the right configuration ? Many thanks in adavance for your help. Bye Enrico
  11. anyone can tell me about APP gdmss plus and fetaure motion detection ? when will be possible activate or deacticave MD and alert through email inside this APP ? Bye
  12. my apologize but I think you ask new release from your vendor. However with this firmware I don't solve any problems. Bye
  13. alarm (email) with snapshoot. I think about smartphone because is easy and fast method to enable (when you go outside ) and disable (before you came back at home) motion detection, NVR is inside my house but hasn't got any video. MD should be a kind of trigger that I would turn on or off without going in front of NVR. Thanks a lot
  14. Described above can only explain your technology is weak. i think becchett can login the websit: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/download_2_3.html and download the file of "1.16REC-Upgrade tool.rar" . u can upgrade through the tool . the name of "General......"need not modify. done it !! thank you ivan_sh this method worked fine ! May I ask you about MD ? I would like your opinion on the possibility to activate MD by phone, in your opinion will be realized ? Bye