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  1. Can you please share your configuration? I've been trying for two days to get that same camera with the same firmware to store video/images on FTP with no success. The folders are created but they are empty, which means the FTP setup should be correct, directory permissions too. I've tried both windows and linux, pure-ftpd on debian and filezilla on windows 7. The email works ok, I'm only getting one snapshot though. Thanks very much technologs and everyone! Hi, Yes, I had this problem some firmwares ago. What I did was that I downloaded the dahua netsdk and ran the "Parameter configuration.exe" I went into the network config and updated the values. (They where different). It seems there are some old config files in the system. Hope this helps. /Paal EDIT: Also check the FTP config tab.
  2. Thanks a lot for this FW. Finally my camera (HFW2100) is working stable on motion detection and is storing the events on FTP. /Paal
  3. Hi, Suddenly my IPC-fdw 2100 has start to record to FTP. The firmware is 20130517. A week ago I start to play around With the SDK parameter config. I do not know what made it work, but today I discovered that it had recorded to FTP every day in about a week. It was basically the network config that I played With in the SDK. paal
  4. Yes, I have the same bug on my 2100. It will not record to FTP. I do not find a PAL Version of the 20121031 firmware. Do you have a link? best,
  5. Thanks I tried it today, but it seems there is still the FTP recording issue. Guess I have to wait for a fix. I did not see anything New. best, Paal
  6. Hi, I have a IPC HFW 2100 With the firmware 2.210.0000.0.R, build : 2013-03-13 It would have been great to be able to use the ftp function. The older firmwares does not work correctly in IE so I have to wait for a new Version. There seems to be at least one that is named: Software Version 2.210.0001.0.R, build : 2013-05-17 WEB Version Has anyone tried this Version on ftp recording? Could anyone share it With me? I need the PAL Version. best regards, Paal