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    CCTV Design for Warehouse

    Good Morning everybody, I would like to ask what is the right design or using of CCTV camera for the warehouse. the area is almost 3000 sq m and the height for almost 5 story bldg. any can suggest for me what are the right and specific unit of cctv camera that can be installed and cables at the same time. thank you very much.
  2. OmniEye

    Issues with baluns

    hi to everyone. almost 6 years we discussed this issues about the right cables that can be used in the cctv camera. i had a bad experienced lately that one of our set-up using the RG6 cable cant see the by passers in our area. and at night the infrared are good and the power connection is individual but the viewing are too messy what i mean its a blurt. the camera is a CCD and not a CMOS type with a 420TVL. is this a problem with the cable that i used RG6 or what. what is the best so far cables that i am going to use. how about using UTP Cat5?please help me. thanks
  3. OmniEye

    CCTV Design for Warehouse

    hi to all who replied my concern. Thank you very much at least i have an idea and what camera i need to be used for the warehouse. this is a big help for me to decide what kind of camera and cables that i need to use also.
  4. OmniEye

    Hello to Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I am very thankful to have this kind of forum. This would give us and exchange ideas and more information to those who have a wide experience and expertise in this field. Thank you to be part of this forum as a member of this group. By the way, I am Jex from the Philippines an I.T. Professional but still needs to enhance my knowledge in how to do an installation and design for the CCTV. Thank you very much and i am happy and congratulates the moderator of this forum.
  5. OmniEye

    Issues with baluns

    i usually used the RG6 coaxial cable and i never been used yet the cat5/cat6 UTP as they said. now my question is, what is the difference between this two wiring cables. where is the effective one. lately i'd used the RG6 coaxial cable for almost 180 meters away from the DVR and i saw the result is not stable what i mean i saw the lines and a slow motion moving i don't know how can i address it. but anyway what do you think guys the right cable that i am going to use with this kind of cases. the camera i'd use like a CCD is useless coz even at night the viewing are not that clear. can you give me any recommendation or suggestion for this. thanks a lot.