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  1. Hi all, I have bricked my NVR. Reading online that I should be able to use a serial cable to re install firmware, i tried to but not having any success in getting the brick to reboot. does anyone know the proper procedure to do tis? i have NCOM and tried renaming the file to update.bin , then i also tried the update.img.. any ideas? Thanks
  2. djadam

    Flashing IR lights on IPC-HFW3300C

    found this hope it helps you...I am about to give it a go
  3. djadam

    In need of good surveillance system

    If you want good night vision, make sure you install some lighting. $700 won't get you too far.
  4. djadam


    hi all. I have been told i can make my dahua nvr work with a 4 g dongle..... i have inserted a telstra dongle in the usb and the nvr has not recognised it at all. has anyone had success with this? thankyou Adam
  5. hi, i had a customer who had a similar situation..... the fan had stopped working and the chip was overheating... check it out.
  6. i had a smart error recently which constantly rebooted the nvr.....I found the HD was Shot!..replaced with purple wd and all returned to normal. sorry I can't be of more help
  7. dahua is ok. just allow a bit extra $$ so you can go back when things play up.
  8. hi guys. the Problem I have been told is that it was some sensors or part used by dahua. take the cameras back to you wholesaler. The replacement cameras were bench tested in the box for a week and now flashing. recently i have had problems with the 8 channel nvr rebooting constantly after 11 months. Took it back and they replaced it with a new model. I can't complain about replacements but I am a little annoyed that you have to lose the time to go back and deal with unhappy customers through no fault of my own.
  9. Hi there, as for pricing there must be a conditions apply..what if your job is all concrete and you need to do conduit work. must be a maximum run of cable. 4 cameras on a 3 storey home can cost you big bugs with scissor lifts, booms etc. Then you have to factor in people like to play with equipment, can you adjust here can you adjust there.. phone calls asking how to retrieve video. i didnt get a number plate and you need to tell them that you pointed the camera where the customer asked you to point the camera and they need to spend big bucks on the more cameras the better. Yes I install cameras for people I know but its always the cheap or freebies that bite you on the ass!
  10. Hi Guys, The supplier has some new cameras for me. So after the easter break I will go back to the installation and change them over. Its got something to do with the IR sensors.. I dont believe that I am the only one. I have had 6 faulty ones in the last 2 months..so I think there in a bit of strife .
  11. Im not convinced as it starts to flash after a few minutes. it was put into a freezer for 5 minutes and then tested again..it took about 20 mins to flash.. Theory is something is overheating.
  12. Hi Final Wish. you cant turn off the IR. My supplier has managed to get china to log in to the camera from China and it isnot a firmware or software issue. They are going to swap over 3 cameras for me. we have already taken 3 back from another install. and the 5 he has in the shop are also doing the same thing. Adam
  13. Thats a good question. I have one with me that works fine...it is painted black. I will have to go to the install and check now.
  14. djadam

    New to the world of CCTV

    why wouldnt you go POE? run your cat 5/6 from nvr then then your done. 2mp 1080p I have never used hdsdi. Adam
  15. Hi Stef, I have been using Dahua for about 2 years. the 4300s cameras dont have the variable lense. I only use the hfw3300...a bit bigger but has varifocal lense just in case you need to zoom into an area. The nvr 3208 is fine....when looking for nvr make sure it can record 8 channel at 1080p. realtime is 1080p anyway and thats the maximum it will show on a screen live. Having said all that. I have just come across some faulty hfw3300..the infrared will start flashing about 2 minutes after IR turns on flashing the light on and off thus picture flashes. Make sure your cameras are tested in the shop for at least an hour..tell them to put in the cupboard for you. Having said that, my supplier in Australia is trying to rectify the situation, cant say that much for the factory in china. hope this helps. Adam