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  1. We are a National Park Bookstore and operate within the federal government. It is important that we have high quality cameras setup for legal and identification purposes. We originally out-sourced this job to various security companies but they all charged us over 10k for IP cameras. As a systems administrator I feel confident in managing this project with outsourcing the project, but need some guidance on system design, as I am new to this field. Right now I am leaning towards Axis P33 cameras recording to a Exacq, Synology, or Milestone?
  2. If we get $1000 Axis cameras that can cost $4000. Then you need to consider that it costs us $1000 to have the electrician run the cat5 cable, mount the cameras and install a shelf/rack for the UPS, switch, and NVR to live. After that we need to purchase 4 hard drives and throw them inside of a NAS, which can cost $1500. Then we need to purchase the PC. $4000 - Cameras $1000 - Installation Fees $1500 - NAS $1500 - Computer Total: $8000 I think I might be missing something too.....?
  3. The bookstore is 500 square feet. It's pretty small. I am working with the National Park Service and the money has to be spent. Redundancy and reliability and quality is what they are paying for. I am sure I could do it for less, and I would do it for less, if I were doing this for a private business. But since we have the budget and can afford it, I would like to maximize my spendings.
  4. Hi SectorSecurity, I am located in Hawaii. So, let me get this straight -- the cameras can record directly to the NAS without the computer? I know I need the computer to do the initial setup, but if for some reason the computer would shut down and the NAS stayed online would the cameras continue to record to the NAS? Right now I am looking at the Drobo and Synology NAS's systems. I think I am going to go with a standard PC and then use the Drobo or Synology NAS. Any other suggestions? That shopping list sounds awesome, if you could make me that!
  5. So I should purchase a NVR and a computer? Axis does not make any NVR's do I don't know who to contact for a NVR.
  6. Hi CCTV Experts, I have been doing so much research on this subject and hoped that I would be able to answer this question myself through use of the search engine and product comparisons but I really am at a roadblock here. Could someone give me advice on how to design my IP camera solution for my small bookstore. I will need 4 cameras, which need to go back 30 days in total with motion about 8 hours a day. I am pretty sure this is my shopping list: 4 Cameras PoE Switch UPS Battery Backup Computer or NVR Software The part I am unsure on is the Computer or NVR part. With a budget of $9000 I figure I could afford to get a computer, but it would be nice if there was a NVR which was popular. What is the general decisions for Computers vs NVR? Also, I have heard the name Axis come up a lot and am leaning towards those cameras. I have no clue on what software I need. The features I need are rather simple. Just able to record for 30 days, motion detection, and able to view remotely through port forwarding would be nice. If someone could recommend me a whole system I would much appreciate it. Thanks for your time.