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  1. I have discarded the wireless transmitter for coax. Used 60 feet of RG59 and with 6 feet of RG6 leader from wall plate connection - only because supplier was out of stock for RG59 6 foot leader. As will be obvious the picture quality if vastly better. No jumping of image of horizontal lines. Good thing my wireless experiment was only $34 from eBay. When I first hooked up the coax I did not get an image, just black screen. Continuity test of coax proved good, power good. Tried OHM test of camera power hookup and did not get anything. The night vision usually shows red but it did not work. I assumed camera went bad. Just received the new replacement and still no picture. Did a bunch of frustrating troubleshooting that did not find a problem. When I hooked up the old wireless I got picture - but nothing with coax. The only difference in the two was that the power supply pin hooked into a wireless adapter that allowed splitting the power to transmitter and to camera with a pigtail. So I finally zeroed in on the center pin (+12V) of the power supply and its female mate on the camera lead. The pins look the same but are not - just a hair under sized. I figured this out by taking a small piece of aluminum foil and pushing it down the female connection to the camera pin then plugging the power supply in - VOILA I got picture. The power supply is from an old hard drive that went bad so I guess it was a propitiatory pin size. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. pedro

    RG59 Choices

    I ordered 75' pre-made BNC coax RG59u from "My Cable Mart". Also was able to order wall plate and double connection adapter so that I can terminate the 75' in the wall and run a 6' lead to my DVR. Thanks for the input. I'll post in the other thread about improvement in hard wire quality over 2.4GHz wireless when hooked up.
  3. pedro

    RG59 Choices

    Been looking at Cat5. Are you saying buy Cat5 and only use two of the wires with balun connector?
  4. pedro

    RG59 Choices

    No I haven't considered baluns and Cat5. I know about baluns from reading but not looked into how to connect to BNC. Yes, Cat5 is available easily at my local Lowes. I will look to learn more. Do you know of transmission differences between Cat5 and RG6?
  5. pedro

    RG59 Choices

    Thanks SectorSecurity for the reply. Being Canadian and getting back to Toronto Ontario about once per year from NC is still not going to be convenient for me - but thanks for the offer of RG6. RG6 is not a problem for me to get here in small amounts, but searching this forum it appears for my 60 foot requirement and best transmission of signal, RG59 would be better/best??? I also understand that trying to get the BNC connectors on the RG6 is a pain. I don't have crimp tool so would need to use twist on. I'm still waiting for reply from C2C which used to be Cables-to-Go. Would appreaciate input on RG6 for best signal over RG59. Thanks
  6. I been using this wireless now for several days and it does have more pronounced image problems - particularly when we're on a portable phone due to the cross interference. Image jumps and looses connection. As with my other post I've decided to go hard wire. Unit was only $34 so not a big loss for a test.
  7. OK, I've decided for the cost to replace my wireless video transmitter/receiver (earlier post) for coax cable - RG59, white, BNC. It's been difficult to buy a small quantity - 60 feet, especially the non-siamese type, white. I have found two possibles so far from Newegg: (1) TygerWire 100-Ft RG59 Coaxial Cable with 60% Braid(White) (2) TygerWire 100-Ft RG59 Coaxial Cable with 90% Braid (White) No experience with "TigerWire" and could not find a link on Google, but I think it's just from Tiger Direct Stores. From research I have done the RG59 seems my best choice. I don't know the difference between the % braid though?? I also see some cheap wire has copper coated steel core, not solid wire. I also would like the run the wire to a box and wall plate with a similar connection as you find with the "F" connector types. I can then run a short BNC connector wire to the DVR. Input appreciated.
  8. Yes, the DVR has image motion detection and you are right any interference on the screen shows up as "motion" so DVR is constant recording.
  9. I finally got the system up and running. The little wireless video transmitter does an acceptable job but there is a little interference on the screen, notably some minor jumping and minor moving/jumping/appearing/disappearing horizontal lines. Picture is a little fuzzy, but just a little. Quality is hard to assess as I don't have anything to compare it to. Part of the quality problem is the distance I'm trying to record (I think) - about 125 feet to 150 feet. I would not be able to identify a face or person unless I already knew them. I could ID a vehicle but not the license. I wish I could upload a screen shot but don't know how its quality would be any good for some comments. Of the crime videos I've seen on TV it's about the same. I will probably keep this wireless device for a while and eventually go to hard wire and see if quality improves. Thanks for all the helpful comments and I'll appreciate some more input if anyone wants to give of their experience.
  10. Thanks daveshoot. Yes, cost big factor for me as my being-upgraded security camera is a fake one. I've since been able to locate some other options here: http://www.lightinthebox.com/Popular/Wifi_Video_Transmitter.html But I have no working or technical knowledge about them (as you can see). I only need one camera. The 2.4GHz wireless I ordered comes with a paid return shipping warranty if I'm unhappy. The hookup is dead easy and I'll see about quality then look for what my next move would be. I'd like hard wire but that presents with a lot of hookup/location problems - I don't want wires all over my home office just to hook up the DVR. I can run wire in the garage along base of walls but then will need to fish through the internal walls of the house so as not to have exposed wires. Even fishing wires through the wall inhibits location of components. I'll hook up and post results.
  11. daviansmith, I think (?) I have an NVR system now. The DVR connects to my router and interfaces with my network for DVR programming and video viewing on my Win7 computer. I just wanted a wireless connection from the camera to the DVR. The Vonnic DVR seems to be quite sophisticated as I work my way through the user manual, however the unit is made in China and their translator did not do a great job converting to English. One feature seems to be that the DVR has a motion sensor feature that detects video motion then starts to record - without the use of a separate external sensor. Not sure how that works but it's what I wanted.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Here is the eBay link to the hardware: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4G-BNC-wired-exchange-Wireless-Camera-Transmitter-Kit-/250808651744?pt=US_Surveillance_Digital_Video_Recorders_Cards&hash=item3a655c4fe0 It's the only one of it's kind I've seen. Yes it's Chinese and only $34, but I've had good results from other electronic products from China and $34 is not a lot to loose. The one item I will need is an RCA to BNC adapter from the receiver to my DVR as the receiver video output is RCA. I can't understand why there aren't more options for wireless. If this option does not work are there any other devices that will give me wireless connection from camera to DVR/VGA?
  13. Thanks for the quick replies. Vector18 - I assume it is analog. Lists as 540TVL. Here's the specs. http://www.rosewill.com/products/2376/ProductDetail_Specifications.htm SectorSecurity - Garage is attached with one stud frame wall between it and my office. I assume the 2.4GHz is same as wireless phones, which I have and they work great - at least for voice transmission.
  14. First post, did search but no help. I'm just getting started with single surveillance camera with DVR. Using Rosewill outdoor bullet night vision camera with Vonnic DVR. Would like to convert camera to wireless and can only seem to find a simple powered 2.4 GHz wireless sender/receiver that has a DNC connection. I am only sending signal from my attached garage to my office, about 40 feet. I have no idea about video quality/reliability doing it this way. Any input and advice would be appreciated.