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  1. hey there, I have a 32 camera system that uses the sony cctv 580 lines resolution cameras with an adapter plug that goes to the dc plug in...unfortunately during install the adapter plug tore off when trying to put it between some metal supports....i have two red wires and a black wire...the incoming wires are red and black,im assuming they just got to red and black?can anyone give me some clarification if my thinking is right on this....im assuming one red powers the cameras the other powers the leds for night vision and the ground would be a common ground.....Do not wan to fry the camera, thanks
  2. it is static (dvr) and the port forwarding is set for the complete range of the dvrs ports as mentioned in my first post,i get login failed or connection failed alternatively on the phone login and the web browser logins either internally or externally give you the login screen but after that no images or the control panel and no ability to access cameras and no video feed,thanks for your quick response....i also have checked the ip at your mentioned address and used a open port check tool to ensure what i needed to have open is correct. the client software works on lan and externally but not externally on phone(4g) or any attempt to log on with browser in any situation fails,besides the login screen......i have it set to medium quality and connection at 256mb,well below the capabilities of 4g or lan.i have tried ie,chrome and firefox,none will work,thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I have been trying to get this system up and running for days and am just banging my head against a wall. The system is a 32 camera eyemax dvr system and the connection to internet is a uverse motorola modem,i have the ports forwarded from 9091-9112 and the base port is 80,we are able to log in using the remote client software but any attempts either on the local network with the internal ip of the computer via web browser or externally over the internet will bring up the login screen,once you enter the correct info in,a blank screen appears or you get the controls but no video or access to change anything,also i cannot login through phone unless it is on wifi in the same building. I am really at a loss and hope someone can help me with this,the ip is static and i just find it odd that the login screen will appear but no video feed. Thanks so much....have updated all the eyemax software and the uverse router is also up to date. very odd that we can log in with the remote software on a lan network but not see anything on the local network even on web browsers