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  1. I too have been very confused about all the different variations of Hikvision firmware and cameras. I have stayed away from Hikvision (proper) because of those very issues, I learned my lesson early on with Chinese software. I have solved my problems by settling on LTS Security (Hikvision Rebrand) cameras. US software and firmware. Very good customer service. Identified through Hikvision SADP software. Work perfectly with Blue Iris. The downside is that they don't typically sell to end users. Those that are available on the public market tend to be a bit more expensive. A possible alternative would be IPCam Talk Cameras. Essentially the same Hikvision clones but less expensive and fewer available. Available on Amazon and through their web site.
  2. Not sure what program these cameras use for changing the network parameters on the individual cameras however it is as simple as going in and changing the last numbers to something that is not used elsewhere in your system. Try something like 53 or some other oddball number. The mfg web site may have a camera identification program that you can download to identify the IP address of your cameras. Possibly, if they are rebranded major name cameras, the manufacturers camera identification program may work. Good luck with finding the correct program and the change
  3. Dan G

    Is LTS brand any good ? IP PTZ CAM

    I have used LTS cameras and routers for three years. Very satisfied with cameras and service. Although I do not have any PTZ, I would assume they would be fine as they are Hikvision. One of the real benefits of LTS is that there is no problem with the firmware everything is US based.
  4. Dan G

    Best brands

    I am a home user. After trying various brands, I settled on LTS which is a rebranded Hikvision. LTS has a number of physical outlets in various cities throughout the USA. They tend to cater to businesses but the real benefit is that they are a USA Company and everything they sell is warranted and without the various international firmware problems that so many of these other suppliers have. Everything works well with Blue Iris of one of their NVR's.
  5. I too got my four cameras from Melinda at Aliexpress. Even with the cost of shipping, the overall cost was less than Costco. I got the real Hikvision cameras with the lenses I wanted. The total time from order to arrival was ten days. The only downside is if they do not ship with the 5.0 software, the English or European updates won't work. This happened to me. I searched everywhere for the correct Chinese updates but never found them. I finally e-mailed Melinda and she obtained the Chinese 5.0 Raptor update from the factory and forwarded it to me. The update worked perfectly. I cannot speak highly enough for her customer service.
  6. I had the same issue with two 12mm cameras that were shipped from China. The best I can tell is that the US and European programming is incompatible with those cameras shipped directly from the factory in China. I searched and searched for an upgrade path to the 5.0 Raptor Software and finally resorted to e-mailing the firm which I purchased them from in China The first firmware upgrade they sent did not work and I resigned my self to not being able to upgrade. Very unexpectedly, The very kind and helpful lady e-mailed me another firmware update titled digicap.dav1140050031111110021, that, when applied, went through without issue. My Hikvision 12mm cameras are now using the 5.0 130412 firmware. If you PM me with your e-mail address I will send you the firmware that worked for me. I have not seen this Chinese firmware update listed on any sites that I have visited.