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  1. Great camera option but i think out of his budget. I understand the quality you want but i don't see you doing it with those specs you would need some extra lighting and then to have your boss telling you can't do this and that. Your going to have a hard time explaining to him why you are getting a fuzzy picture
  2. Depends on the camera, have you ever tryed fried camera?
  3. To be honest I am quite fond of the Pelco CC3751H-2 great camera and picture quality
  4. You're right I don't like the guy and I am prepared to do what it takes(legally) to make him leave us alone. I can assure you my issues are very much about privacy. I don't care that he talks about us, he's an ass and if people choose to believe the lies then that's their problem. He'll be lying about them in the future when they don't bow down and kiss his behind, it goes with the territory. To date we have never set foot on his property nor dicked around with his cameras in anyway or anything else he owns for that matter. He can't say the same. You say "legally placed" would you clarify that please? Does that mean I can erect a pole at my fence line and place a camera on it filming into his yard and home when it has nothing to do with my home security? Is that legally placed? Thanks for your feedback. This is why I posted here, I wanted more than one perspective before we make any final decisions and/or take action. From what information i gather about privacy, you have no expectation of privacy outside your house. You asked "can erect a pole at my fence line and place a camera on it filming into his yard" the answer is maybe but it all depends on what its facing legally you cannot have a camera facing into someones wiindow but can point it towards the yard. Two things i would recommend one is to go to speak with you DA or City Prosecutor and ask him about your issues different laws in every jurdistiction, ask him the same questions you are asking us, Tell them you watch you sisters kids and worry about him filming them, this is a very big HOT spot for law enforcement. Only they can give you the accurate advise. And one more thing get a fence up asap, were he has his garage plant some bamboo like the other gentleman said they are perfect for privacy...
  5. Rebco

    Looking to Setup Surveillance in Dive Bar

    Sorry for the delay, no i can't post photos as it's a gentlemens club hint hint
  6. This just shows you how companies care more about there bottom line then there customers I had to send in 3 drives in a week, they were 2 weeks old. Like Sawbones said they knew this was going on long before and did not recall or issue a press release till there old drives and firmware were gone from stores
  7. Hope she has quick painless recovery.
  8. That will be their attorneys excuse "my client was to buy drugs when the whole thing happened"
  9. Rebco


    Thanks, I am just bringing that up because manufactures always do what they want with specs. And it looks like heis semi new at this and don't want him to make a mistake like i did long long time ago.
  10. Please let me know how firetide is, as i have a bid i have to work on and requires a wireless solution...
  11. I think you did take it the wrong way and won't take it personal I have had problems with a couple of companies but airing out my dirty laundry is not the right thing to do. "my opinion". I think this forum is not the right place to do things like this I think that this should and was always a place for learning and asking questions not for attacking anyone. I was not attacking anyone and if i came across that way i am sorry but I just don't appreciate someone coming into a fight once it's all over and trying to get the last kick in. Whats to stop anyone just coming on here and saying" "your company sucks" and not having any backing to it. Or to stop me re-registering and coming on here and blasting people. I am just use to seeing things light hearted on here. I think the founders of this forum wanted to help people not attack people....
  12. might be from the car windshield but yes it is...
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    I have to put my 2 cents in where i just hear everyone talking about frames per second but no one talking about at what resolution. Dvr companies always put there fps but no one checks at what resolution, same things with cameras in low light.
  14. Rebco

    When all else fails ....Go Wireless?

    2 millon dollar home and he can shell out a grand or 2 for a good wireless solution, You only have 2 solutions wired and wireless oh unless you can perform magic. Good luck but this is why you have a walk through with the customer to see what his or her needs are.... Also who ran the wires?
  15. Take a look at this: http://www.kold.com/global/story.asp?S=9816830 What is this world coming too? Seems like it is just going to get worse with the economy. Thank god for security cameras...