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  1. We recently called on to bid for a job , it's a place of worship and got vandalised 4 time including damaged property, maybe related to current toxic politics, anyhow the place has hdtvi cams installed around the premises which did not capture good images in the very low light environment since the parking lights are programed to go off after mid night and some smaller lights are on. Can any of you guys have any recommendations for good IP cams which work well in very low light giving good pictures and also can try n capture a license plate or any other identifiable properties off the vehicle entering , leaving or individuals committing these crimes. Will appreciate any reliples or recommendations
  2. Hi All, We are trying to finish a install, and have to incorporate 4 existing Hikvision cameras, we installed a 3rd part USB 4 port dongle, and are adding the hikvision as Onvif protocol, when adding 5.4.x firmware cameras no problem, but as soon as we try to add a camera with 5.5.x firmware the geovision software will crash and restart. Initially we though may be the cameras were defective, so we bought 2 more from local ADI, but the results were same, I contacted Hikvision support and they tried various settings but same results, so long story short they told us that Geovision has the issue in there software. Has anyone here on the forum faced similar issues is there like a patch available, I search geovision support forums but did not find any solution. Will appreciate any reply. Thanks
  3. Hi all, have any one tried to watch the feed on VLC player with RTSP what is the command , I tried the RTSP command I found on Geovision forums site but it did not work, its the cloud based geovision camera Thanks
  4. Siiak

    Geovision datacapture V3e with Ruby 2

    No Still searching for a solution Geo was not a big help, please keep me in loop if u find a solution. Thanks We finally got it working. We had to change the baud rate to 1200 and data bit to 8 on the V3E. The port has to be configured on the Ruby 2 correctly as well....it has to be set to the DVR something...sorry...we use a petroleum service to set that part up so I can't help much there. If I get more info, I'll post for you. I will really appreciate your help, which com port dose the cable goto also the cable did you use a standard RJ45 to db9 straight serial cable or did you custom made it. Thanks
  5. Siiak

    Geovision datacapture V3e with Ruby 2

    No Still searching for a solution Geo was not a big help, please keep me in loop if u find a solution. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Has anyone hooked up the geo data capture box with a VeriFone Ruby2 system to overlay the transaction data, the customer pole display is hooked to com3 which is a RJ45, I think the system is providing data and power to the pole display via the cable, I will appreciate if any one has a pin out configuration for a link where I can buy the premade cable . thanks
  7. Siiak

    Password reset

    Hi All, I have a Aver NV6000 windows 7 based system how do I reset the supervisor password, in Geovision there is a password reset application which can remove reinstall password, is there anything similar on Avermedia too Thanks
  8. make sure under webcam, you have enables mobile and 3gp
  9. Siiak

    Geovision remote access problem

    It will only work on IE or you can download the multiview application from geovision's website for android you have to download the app ipcam viewer it supports older version, u can try the lite version which restricts u to view 4 camers or for 3.99 get the full version go with 7.04 version that should work without a dongle regds siiak
  10. Siiak

    Anyone use the V3E POS ethernet based geovision?

    Hi Fred, Did you ever find a solution ? Im stuck as well trying to capture from Pole display, any help
  11. Im still looking for a solution Geovision was not very helpfull Thanks
  12. Hi, Im trying to connect Gilbarco passport Customer pole display which is serial to GV-NVR, I have configured everything correctly on NVR and can access the v3e box from NVR the V3e Sits between the passport edge port and pole display the pole display works fine so the data is passing. when I use the pos option from GV-nvr and map the camera no data comes in, but occationally like after 2 or 3 mins I get a 5 6 lines of advertisment from customer display thats about it. I really need some help thanks in advance
  13. Yeah this is definately a card issue, as I remember going for a install and the customer did not had the software cd the card was 1480, since I had a 8.5 cd in my bag I installed that and it updated the firmware too, everything workied fine when I left next day the customer called again to say the system is doing funny thing and one of that was encoding issue with images, on a close examination we found that the card was a fake.
  14. Siiak

    Geo Hybrid system quesstion

    We are doing a hybrid system for a client, where there will be 16 analogue and 5 IP, the card we selected is a GV-1240b, my question is do we install 2 cards or just 1 card, does the 8.5.5 software gives the option of intergrating this 16 analogue and 5 IP working togeather using 1 card, ? Thanks for any advice help
  15. Siiak

    Geovision NVR question

    Thanks for replie, I will be using geovision NVR and Geovision IP camera Thanks