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  1. Hello, I have got a CCTV camera which used RG59 cable above my front door. I have attempted to simply splice the cable to split the feed into 2 cables, so one can go to my DVR to capture the footage, but I want one to go straight into a TV above the door to provide a live feed, then we can see who is there without going to the other side of the house where the DVR is. However I can't seem to get a clear image on the TV above the door, would I need some kind of signal booster or do you think the connection simply isn't good enough? Of course I have attached a normal coax connector to the RG59 instead of the correct connector so that it will go into the back of the TV. I hope this makes sense!
  2. martynball

    recently purchased a camera

    hey guys, i recently purchased a small wireless camera "hde pinhole mini wireless camera" - now it's pretty good, but it's range is rather limited, it says it works at a minimum range of 50 meters, which im assuming is in line of sight. But if I take it to the other side of the house, about 20 meters, if that, i loose all signal! Is there some kind of booster I can get to boost the signal?
  3. martynball

    What do i need for this camera?

    Thanks, I will look into getting those.
  4. Sorry guys I don't know much about CCTV so I don't know where to put this. Could someone explain to me what I hardware I need to connect this camera too and what software. Below is a picture of the connecters for the camera and also the sticker showing the model ect... I just want to connect it to my computer and save the footage to the additional harddrive in the pc. Running windows XP.