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  1. Anyone have firmware for these 3 models? 1) NVR5216-8P 2) HFW4100S 2) HFW4200S I bought from China, and it turns out all in Chinese.. Haih.. Need help!
  2. But it says auto B/W and I thought it works more or less the same as those with IR? no?
  3. Guys, Can anyone tell me whether this camera will suffer during night time (considering without IR) or will it work just fine at night since it says day/night and black/white
  4. Shaz69

    Dahua & Dlink

    Does anyone know whether Dahua NVR is compatible with Dlink cameras?
  5. Hi, I'm stuck looking at both the Dahua Camera & DVR specs, Im trying to see whether will they fit each other perfectly in terms of resolution, tvl, display & recording image. Can anyone tell me which part of the camera/dvr that has low specs to produce an optimum solution combining both. DVR: Dahua DVR0804LF-AS Camera: Dahua DH-CA-FW480CP