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    Hello from Minneapolis, MN

    Hi Everyone: I am a multi-purpose electronics and electrical expert residing in Minneapolis, MN. I do (and can do) a lot of things, however my primary work revolves around audio/visual installation and event production. I own an audio/visual production company with a business partner, and the two of us take on a lot of facilities functions and projects. I have a long-held interest and a lot of experience with CCTV, access control and intrusion alarms. I have specific experience with Bosch and Sensormatic CCTV, AMAG and Keri access control systems and Ademco burgler alarms. AMAG is what brings me to this forum. I have some burning questions, and also (I think) a lot of knowledge to share in a world where there just isn't that much to be found openly.
  2. Hello everyone, I have an AMAG system that consists of the following: -2 nodes, one with 2x doors and one with 4x doors -Symmetry Business edition software that can handle up to 16 readers -600 series readers with no PIN capability My business has the above system, plus an Ademco burgler alarm that isn't directly integrated. I say not directly integrated, because the two systems don't "talk" to eachother in the sense that one doesn't entirely know what the other is doing. AMAG knows if the system is in alarm, and now (thanks to a special electrical circuit I whipped up) when the system is armed/disarmed. The AMAG can also send pulses to a "keyswitch" input on the Ademco to arm/disarm by remote or trigger command. The reason I want to use keycard mode is that I have two classes of card holders: those with alarm codes and those without. I want to use the AMAG's ability to know arm/disarm status to toggle keycard in/keycard out. Keycard mode will be "on" at all times. When the alarm is armed, keycard status will be "out" and non keycard-holders will be denied access while keycard holders are allowed in. This is the textbook case that AMAG cites for why keycard mode exists. My problem is that I can't invoke keycard mode to be on. I have gone to install-->access control-->readers--->mode tab and checked "keycard mode", but when I try to send "keycard mode on" from the command screen, nothing happens. I have tried changing the defaults, I have validated that there are cardholders with keycard privileges checked. The readers simply will not go into keycard mode. I am thinking there is some kind of prerequisite I am missing that they failed to mention in the documentation. The last thing I have yet to try is hooking a PIN pad card reader to an excess reader port. Keycard mode documentation makes mention of keycard holders being able to toggle keycard mode from a reader by entering their PIN in reverse. It also mentions being able to do so on a schedule or with trigger commands, but that has not worked to this point. I will do this testing this week and circle back. In the mean time, can anyone point out what I am missing, or confirm that it is indeed the lack of a PIN reader on the system? Thanks!