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  1. I feel like I've just about exhausted all possibilities. I've tried plugging the Q-See camera directly into the back of the Swann NVR (with addresses assigned in the range 172.16.1.x). I've also tried connecting it to the router which the NVR is also connected to (range 10.0.1.x). The NVR won't see the camera. I'm not even sure that it can find cameras connected to the router; Swann support says it's not supported. I've tried both the Swann protocol and the ONVIF protocol (the latter should work at least) in the manual camera configuration. I've tried HTTP address 80 and 85. I even reassigned the Q-See camera's address to 8000 with password 12345 to match the Swann cameras. I've also tried the secret ONVIF user and password combo of admin/admin on port 9988, which Q-See support doesn't seem to be aware of. No go. I've updated the Q-See camera to the latest firmware available on their support site. No improvement. I'm aware of some success that people have had with using the Q-See camera via ONVIF on certain NVR's. It doesn't seem possible on the Swann NVR as far as I can tell, despite ONVIF being an available option. There's no documentation whatsoever from Swann on how to use it. I can confirm that the Q-See camera is powered on when connected to the back of the NVR to an available POE port, so it should be sending a signal. But Swann reports a disconnected state and no link present.
  2. I did some more reading, and realized that the Q-See camera is just a re-branded Dahua IPC-HDB3200C. And indeed, the ONVIF protocol is secretly available through port 9988 and username/password combination of admin/admin (not the same as the web password), exactly as you said. Unfortunately, that is how I configured it on my Swann NVR, and it's still no go. I updated the Q-See camera to the latest 2012-12-07 firmware available from Q-See support, but no improvement. I even tried to flash a generic Dahua firmware version 2013-05-17 floating around on some site, but it refused to load this firmware on consecutive attempts. So it's beginning to look like the Swann NVR is more unforgiving than others, or the Q-See firmware doesn't fully support ONVIF. Any other ideas?
  3. I'm trying to connect a Q-See QCN8001D HD dome IP camera to a Swann Platinum HD NVR8-7200 NVR (both from Costco). The NVR is working fine with the Swann cameras that came with it, but they don't sell a dome version, so I'd like to get the one from Q-See to work, which supports ONVIF. Unfortunately, I can't get the Swann NVR to see the Q-See camera, when I plug it into an available port. I tried changing the camera configuration from Plug-and-Play to manual. I changed the protocol from SWANN to ONVIF, tried various port settings, and entered the correct login and password. Unfortunately, the status remains disconnected on the NVR camera configuration screen, and I can't access the video stream. I know the Q-See camera works, because I can log into it directly when it's connected to my router. Theoretically, because the Swann NVR supports ONVIF, I presume this combination should work, but I'm confused about the right settings. Technical support calls to both companies did not yield any results. Anyone have any ideas for things to try?