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  1. ACtech

    UTC (GE) Facility Commander

    In a recent call to technical support (UTC/Lenel) I was told that FCWinX should be around for at least another 7 years. Diamond 2 on the other hand....Users better get their upgrade plans in place.
  2. ACtech

    UTC (GE) Facility Commander

    When you say replace do you mean literally hang an RRE2/U board downstream from an EP1502 or EP2500 or do you mean such that their usage of Mercury hardware would be lesser? I have an RRE2/U and an MR52 here, and while there are superficial similarities, unless they actually talk the same RS485 protocol (which as far as I know Merc uses an encrypted serial protocol) I don't know what the argument is about. There must be more than meets the eye to this. Lenel was selling LNL-1320U reader interfaces as a direct replacement for the mercury made LNL-1320 (MR52). (Lenel still sells the board for use with their NGP panels (NGP-1320U, i think)
  3. ACtech

    UTC (GE) Facility Commander

    They aren't "Mercury" panels per-se. I believe they have a licensing agreement like Keri to use Mercury firmware. I may be mistaken though. The NGP panels are definitely not Mercury firmware. The aforementioned lawsuit was over Lenel's introduction of their "Universal" boards to replace Mercury boards. The two companies settled their differences, renewed their strategic partnership and Lenel no longer sells the U boards for OnGuard installations.
  4. I would strongly suggest you avoid GoEntry/TruPortal. Platform is based on Lenel's NGP panels and has many problems. I know that the system occasionally locks up and readers stop responding to credentials until the panel is rebooted.
  5. Be sure that you check your ODBC connection between the workstation and the database server. If the workstation is running a 64-bit OS, be sure to use the 32-bit ODBC driver - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. If that is configured correctly and tests successfully, verify that the SQL Server is configured to accept remote connections and that Named Pipes and TCP/IP protocols are enabled for client connections (SQL Server Configuration Manager) Hope that helps!