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  1. I have a very specific use and have been searching the forms for the best 'color' image available in a cctv cam daylight only and haven't found a great answer. It does seem that the CCD over Cmos is the direction and effio and 650 TVL with 52db or higher would be what I am looking for, but my specific need is for: A Cctv cam feeding a tv tuner to be streaming for an online broadcast. The color is the critical factor, we will be using only 29fps speed. No need for IR, preferably water resistant. We have already tested the video feed over the 500' of siamese cable is currently broadcast with an inexpensive cctv bullet cam and we are satisfied with the quality, but not the color. We have audio as well, but I'm resigned that I won't find a decent image camera with a built in microphone so I'll continue to use an external hand held mic. - but if you know of a good image with mic please include. I've used a number of IP cams with IR and have experienced the washed out colors, so I'm really hoping to avoid that. Any recommendations are appreciated and price isn't a 'huge' concern, but it is for primarily a one time event so <$200 would be best. Thanks so much. Rob