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  1. I have connected to my HCVR5824S one small monitor to via VGA port and one TV via HDMI1 port. Everything works fine. Today I tried to connect second TV into HDMI2 port and found that TV doesn't dislplay anything. Distance between HCVR5824S and TVs is 10m. When I take out cable coming from the first TV and connect it to HDMI2 port, TV1 doesn't show anything. What may be the reason? Should I activate HDMI2 port from somewhere?
  2. After fixing configurations everything started working. Your comments helped me alot. I had almost the same problem in several places. All are using old Dahua NVRs that has 6 character long passwords. Now I will have to upgrade all these NVRs to be able to connect from idmss. Thanks alot for your comments. Have a nice weekend
  3. I found the problem. Port 37777 was not open. Now everything works fine with idmss lite too.
  4. I installed EVOPLUS LITE. Can not connect using this app too
  5. I have upgraded my HCVR by downloading upgrade file from: http://in.dahuasecurity.com/in/products/hcvr58245832s-s2-1081.html Now I can type long passwords. I have changed my password to Doktor81! Still can not initialize my HCVR device
  6. It is HCVR. I bought it 3 years ago from China and it is not Dahua actually. But it's menu is the same with Dahua. I bought it from (https://www.gwsecu.com/) and it's name is HCVR5824S. I have installed ConfigTool software from Dahua website and changed admin password using this app to 8 character. Strange but when I try to login directly from device, it is not typing more than 6 character. But from SmartPSS I can login with 8 character password. Initialisation stil not working.
  7. I think it has nothing to do with my NVR. Cause when I click on + icon, idmss doen't know what will I add. I guess there is some problem with idmss lite. Hi. It can’t have anything to do with the app or everyone would have the problem You never answered password question If your not 8 or over or have a mix of letters and numbers it will not connect to the app After your message I payed attention that it is not possible to write password longer than 6 characters.
  8. I think it has nothing to do with my NVR. Cause when I click on + icon, idmss doen't know what will I add. I guess there is some problem with idmss lite.
  9. I am using Wired Device. Even when I use local IP address (, I receive fail message can not connect.
  10. In my NVR I have changed default password for admin username. When I press + sign to add device I receive this notification. idmss doesn't know which device will I add, cause it does not let me to type IP address of my NVR machine.
  11. Hi, I am trying to add new device into idmss lite or gdmss lite in different mobile phones. In all mobile phones I receive the same notification: "Before adding device you must initialize it. Otherwise you can not add device" I do not know how to add device into idmss by public IP address. Can not solve this issue. Please, help me
  12. Hi, yes my cameras are connected to Dahua NVR.
  13. Is it possible to access Dahua NVR with another program from mobile?
  14. I am trying to add device into idmss lite. But I receive notification that "you should initialize your device". When I click initialize. Its trying to scan QR code. When I try to modify standard Demo device by writing public IP address, port, username and password, I receive error message that "can not connect". From another mobile I can connect to the same NVR by writing the same credentials. What may be the problem?
  15. Hi, For a very long time I was using iWatch DVR application in my mobile phone for accessing Fine SR-H2016-N. Just a few days ago I have updated my iOS and after that this program stopped functioning. Which program should I use in my iPhone?