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  1. AlexJ

    Random High Disk Usage on VMS

    Sorry not really understand part about "Is the computer not able to reach the server so it's locally storing the video feed until connection is restored? " you speak of client PC or server PC in this context? Client application only allows view live video, archives and configure software, all storing/recording takes place at server only. If server: What settings you made in storage properties? Server->Selected Server->Tasks-> Recording properties It's recommended quota settings there to take not whole storage space, but to be limitws to 85-90 % of available storage. As software deletes oldest data to replace it with new one, so you do require swap space.
  2. There could be a lot of different reasons for that. Most of them depend on installations spec's. Best option would be to get in touch with Luxriot Support team at support@luxriot.com, sending Problem Report would be a best idea.
  3. PC NVR TECH SPEC: OS : Win 7 Ultimate 32bit VMS : Luxriot VMS Ent. v.2.5.1 RAM : 4 GB DDR3 VGA CARD: 1 GB IPCAM : 26 IPCAM (HikVision) hope i can find the solutions from the idea or answer from all of u guys, thanks in advance... Looks like a licensing issue. Have you changed any hardware lately? Best solution is to send Problem Report to Luxriot support team to see the reason for this failure.
  4. AlexJ

    Need advice on medium scale home NVR system

    FYI: Luxriot VMS Professional is for 9 cameras, so you will require Advanced Edition for 16 ch.
  5. You got me very confused. Motion frequency being calculated in respect - what amount of the time there will be motion on camera during 24 hours period. Obviously during time shop is closed - there will be no motion on camera. So let's say it's 30-40% out of all time ( in respect while people finish cleaning up or preparing for opening. So we do presume there will be no motion there. Same works for full spec's when doing calculation for server. Basically we presume that 60-70% of 24 hour period all cameras will be recording, other time we can save on storage.
  6. No comments on design as very low on details.
  7. You will require around 73 TB RAID 5/6 storage space, since you plan to record 74 FullHD Cameras for 30 Days. And yes, it's on MD of 50-60% By the way - you can do all the calculations using Luxriot's web site and Luxriot's Online calculator to see most optimal hardware requirements: http://www.luxriot.com/eng/support/calculators/ ( Don't forget to hit "estimate" when you select frame rate and resolution)
  8. I presume to answer this question we should rely on factor - what stream and it's spec's that will be used for live viewing on large layout.One thing using main stream for live viewing or viewing on sub stream when using larger layout, that Luxriot allows. For instance if to use live view using sub stream with D1 resolution, 2 client PC's will be enough ( i7 CPU ) . Again this is to monitor all 74 cameras together. I wouldn't say 8Mbps, it will be 4.5 with modern camera for Full HD. We did same mistake until start of 2013 our selves. On constant recording your server will require 333 Mbps, just to record archive, the rest depends on live view requirements.
  9. Well few more moment please! Will it be constant or Motion Triggered recording? If motion - what frequency you expect? 50-60% ? I presume frame rate will be 25 FPS ?
  10. Well CPU and RAM is not an issue here, in any case the one mentioned is well suitable for it. What you do need to consider here and what many people missing when encounter large installations - writing speed of storage. For this many cameras you must use at least RAID6 , I understand the one you have link for - doesn't have it at all. Also noticed since you planned to use 2U server, you didn't calculated total storage yet, that you will require for 72 Full HD cameras to be recorded for X many days. You can use Luxriot's online calculator to check amount of storage you will require in respect of specific's of your installation: http://www.luxriot.com/eng/support/calculators/
  11. Luxriot VMS doesn't work with DVR boxe's. Also this device doesn't support RTSP, so there is no point to configure it as one. Consider by default that DVR will not support RTSP. Usually NVR may do so, but always refer to spec sheet first.
  12. hard to say if you have setup it as you should or not. Or you can check with video tutorials they have on their web site:http://www.luxriot.com/eng/support/video/ Or you can contact their support team at support@luxriot.com and tell that something worries you. If by lagging you mean lag between action takes place on camera and then shown on client application - well it's a specific feature. this can be disabled in Tool->Option->Live Video Buffering ( change to Disable).
  13. I didn't noticed in spec sheets of Hanbang HB7108X3-LH , that it's support RTSP, so doubt it can be used with Luxriot VMS.
  14. AlexJ

    missing hardware?

    I have big doubts that 4 TB storage will last for 2 months, a specially with your plans to use Full HD. Otherwise seems legit. As per hardware spec's, Luxriot offers online calculator that can help you with optimal server requirements: http://www.luxriot.com/eng/support/calculators/