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  1. taffdragon

    how to watch cctv back ups

    i used windows movie maker and redone the vids and theyre working great now so thanks for that. is it worth keeping the original if it doesnt play though? ill try and do another back up before it tapes over it just incase something went wrong the first time. thanks for the advice anyway, most appresiated.
  2. hello, ive been asked the police for a copy of my cctv and ive offered to back it up on to a pendrive for them to view. i have 4 cameras and they only want to view on of them. ive placed a backup of the time period they want onto a pan drive but it wont play on my PC. it offers AVI and H.264 but neither of them play, they just sit there like still images but if i manually move the file forward the picture does change so the info must be there just it wont play as a video. could anyone help out with some advice please on either converting to another format or software to do the trick. many thanks.