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  1. What camera have you got has if it has ptz none of that cable would work, you would need + & - for the telemetry.
  2. Is it not possible too run the cable inside some steel trunking out of reach of people. Rather than keep having too re-splice the cable. It maybe you're nieghbours if the camera can observe thier property. set up an hidden camera that covers the area, Bushnell Trophy Cams would be good for this, esspecialy the Black LED Type has mine has come in useful numerous times.
  3. I have one of these VLC Orbiters, the problem i have is understanding what voltage they run off has it has 2 different one's in the enclosure, 1 for the camera & another for the heater fan de-mister, i also need an enclosure has i damaged this one while scalling the prison wall, can they still be obained. Thanks in advance.
  4. i think you may have killed it !
  5. I also have one of these but i am in need of a new enclosure with bayonet fitting attached.