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  1. I need to get some auto-iris lens connectors and C/CS adapters (among other things like mounts, etc..) at a fairly decent price. Any suggestions? als
  2. I have to admit that I am impressed by the response from these folks. Manual was emailed with no argument or hassle (although it is the manual for the B/W version, all I needed was pinouts for the alarm port). If their products are as good as their attitude, I would have to recommend them.
  3. Thanks for the pointer. The logo is the same, but the company is based in Canada. Apparently, the name on the label was a distributor. The model number is the same except for the added "T", and is apparently similar, but not identical. Plus, there was no manual listed.
  4. The lens is labeled: Vicon Industries, Inc. Model V18-108M-3 000-00 Prod. Code: 1407 The mounting ring, which is almost flush with the end wall, measures 43mm, as close as I can measure. There is a 7/8" round tube protruding out about 3/4", with a tiny lens and about an 18mm female threaded ring holding it in. The main lens is labeled "Apollo MC TV Lens, 1:1.8 18-108mm No. 790052", and is approx. (not quite) 3" in diameter. The web seems to have never heard of this lens. My question: is the mounting ring 42mm or 43mm, and what do I need to adapt it to a "C" mount camera?
  5. Does anyone have any documentation on this device? The phone number on the sticker is no longer in service, and I cannot find a listing for National Electronics SSD.