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  1. mrbordello

    Forgot password on TMEZON dvr

    need password vor tmezon dvr AHD . date is 28.04.2018 or for tommorow 29.04.2018 from menu it look like a hikvison dvr.
  2. mrbordello

    Dahua NVR 16x with 4 POE Brick

    NVR is working again . I read Fullbackup with SPI Flasher from Same Working model . I Edit than on HEX editor the Mac Adress that no Problems on Dahua P2P service , because Same Serial . Flash the Edit_Working Backup with SPI and Recorder Works good Thanks .
  3. Hello , i install on my old NVR from DAHUA , its Resailer version from Avaloid . Firmware update from Dahua , the NVR accepted the update file , yet it doenst boot any more. the firmware is on a 25L128 chip i have spi programmer and read the 16mb . any1 have full backup from a Dahua 16x NVR or i had to try to rebuild firmware when i extract the bin file with 7zip . i have boot loader firmware in each parts any1 knows the layout.
  4. mrbordello

    Dahua Smartpss 2 Monitors

    haha it works so easy and i try all things =). thx for help!!
  5. Hello with the OLD PSS you can use more then one monitor the new HD-CVI Recorders v2 from dahua works with the old pss but the video is like 10fps . with the NEW SmartPSS it works but i can use only one Monitor. i see "the TV WALL" option but i need extra TV WALL Decoder?. is it with some tool oder "patched" smartpss possible ( starting 2times ) thx in advance.
  6. Hello i get a new Ip Door Station from Dahua the device for outside : VTO2000A and Inside : VTH1510 the device comes from factory with english menu and english speak files. i found on google the latest firmware i extract the FW with binwalk and unpack the file with unsquash . i need to change the speak files " PCM FORMAT " from english to german ,i generate with google translater speak own files =). yet i need to repack the firmware . how can i repack the firmware easy?! i can flash then the firmware with SPI Flasher , because i think CRC missmatched and no flashing avaible normal. thx for helping.