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  1. golden1967

    NV6480e Jitters

    Hi Guys, I have also had the problem of non recorded video, Video records all the time with blue indicated in the timeline but it shows intermittent white blocks on the same two cameras, sometimes a third. The system was one server of 15 installed, the others do not have this issue. All the systems used 8x 1TB Seagate SV3.5, raided in mirrored pairs which are optimized for constant write (digital recording). The cases(thermaltake armour) have 5 large fans for cooling, so there shouldn't be heat issues. I have tried different revisions of software with same results. No luck with Aver tech support as well. I will see if i can narrow it down to which set of drives this happens on, but I don't think that this it as the drives are mirrored. Anyone have any other ideas?? Thanks....Mark
  2. golden1967


    Thanks for the info. You are right about ,that they need to document the changes in the versions to see if upgrading is of any value to the user
  3. golden1967

    small problem with NV6480ex recording

    Further to my ongoing efforts to find out what is causing these recording interruptions., I have changed the recording mode from always recording to smart record with no improvement, I have also reduced the resolution from 640x480 to 320x240 with no improvement. I have removed the mandatory record check as I have the scheduled smart record and start recording when application starts-checked and this has made no difference at all. I changed the reboot time in scheduling, ahead 1 hour, and this has advanced the dropped frame issue correspondingly. The issue seems to be related to the DVR application as it changes according to the time it reboots. The next thing I will try will be to reinstall the application and or upgrade to the most current version of 7.5. If you can offer any suggestions it is appreciated. TomCCTV Thanks for the suggestions, you made mention in your PM with regards to changing settings to the drives- What can I change as I am running out of ideas? Thanks and regards.......Mark
  4. golden1967

    small problem with NV6480ex recording

    Hi Tom, Thanks for replying, I did check the scheduling and all (16)the inputs are set to always record(All Blue), the start and stop recording are set to 3 secs, does that matter? as it is always recording, which is set in recording schedule, and the always record option in the system tab. I didn't partition the OS drive , as all the 4 other mirrored pairs are set as the recorded data path. Still not sure why the system interupts the recording process every 6hrs or so. Let me know if you can think of anything else. regards.......Mark
  5. Hi there, I have a new system that is having a strange but reoccurring issue. I’ll list the system specs first: Gigabyte P45-UD3 Mobo Intel DuoCore at 3.16Ghz 4 Gb Ram Asus 512Mb Ati Video Card WD IDE 250Gb system drive LG –R_RW DVD IDE 8x Seagate SV35 1Tb drives in mirrored pairs WinXP Pro AverMedia NVDVR I have been testing the DVR, recording 16 analog video inputs from a dvd, 24/7, 640x480 image size, at 30fps (in Turbo Mode) with the MPEG4 codec. I am having an issue with recording frame rate about 3 times a day. -The system reboots daily at 7am -at Approx 13:02:20 during playback, the video chugs away in 4 to 5 second increments for about a minute -at 13:03:31 It then resumes normal playback -at 19:03:29 during playback, the video chugs away in 4 to 5 second increments for about a minute -at 19:04:34 It then resumes normal playback -at 01:04:33 the next morning, the video chugs away in 4 to 5 second increments for about a minute -at 01:05:39 It then resumes normal playback -at 7am The Dvr system reboots and this cycle continues This seems to be happening every 6 hours This has happened daily for two weeks, + or – a minute. I have checked all the DVR settings as well as event log and cannot find something happening that correspond to the interruption times above. I have also checked the windows logs/ events and cannot find a listing that corresponds to those times. I chatted with online Tech Support with regards to updating the Aver software to the current version 7.7 with hopes that this may solve this issue, but was told that I would not be able to get the (30FPS at 640x480 x 16 inputs)frame rate I have now. Is this True?? I also Posted this with Aver Tech support...........but still waiting.......... Any help with this is greatly appreciated Thanks and regards….Mark
  6. golden1967

    Help with cms3000 and Aver6480ex

    Got my answer from Avermedia, the dvr will play the audio alert through to the CM3000 remote client. First set up the dvr properly, You will need to setup an alarm trigger to send an alert to the cm3000. Click on Setup->Alarm. Click on the Add button to create a new alarm. Under Camera select the cameras you wish motion to trigger the alarm. Under actions click the option "Send to CMS" Click on the details button next to the "Send to CMS" option and select the cameras you wish to transmit. Click the OK button to save the settings. Now that the dvr is set up properly, you will need to setup the CM3000 Launch the CMS3000 software. Click on Setup-> Alarm. Under Conditions, click on the Select DVR button. Select the DVR from the left windows option, then click on the Add button. It should be now displayed on the right side of the window. Click th eOK button. Under Alarm, check off Receive alarm. Under Action, you can setup audio alerts as well as pop up videos. Once you have setup your actions, you can click on the OK button to save the settings.
  7. golden1967

    Help with cms3000 and Aver6480ex

    Hoping someone can answer this-I am looking to use an Averdigi 6480ex dvr server to alert a remote location, for motion detection, in a secure area. I wanted to send video from the motion sensitive area with a specific "intruder alert" to a client on the network running the cms3000 application. Going through the options in the manual,(it hasn't been deployed yet) it isn't clear how the audio alert clip would go to the cms3000 client from the dvr server. Do you have to set up the cms3000 alarm options, to play the specific audio alert clip? Or does it get sent with video through the, send live video to cms option from the dvr server, alarm action options? Thanks...............Mark
  8. golden1967

    multiple raids

    Thanks for the reply guys
  9. golden1967

    multiple raids

    I am looking to raid1, 8- 1Tb drives . The mother board (an asus P5K-E/WIFI-AP)has 8 sata ports. Does anyone know if you can create multiple raided disks on the same motherboard, or will I have to get separate controller cards to form 4 separate 2 disk arrays. Thanks.......Mark
  10. golden1967

    6480ex specifications

    I have been mailing Avermedia tech support with regards to achieving 30fps at a 640x480 resolution. I have received a couple of less than enthusiastic statements with regards to the 6480's max capabilities. "Dear Customer, When recording 16 channels on the 6480EX you will average about 15fps per channe at 640 x 480l. But depending on what CPU you have and the speed there is an option to turn turbo mode on which will give it about 20+fps per channel. This will only work on a single card configuration." Me- "After reading the specifications page on your web site it stated: "CPU: Pentium® 4.3.2 GHz or higher (Intel Core™2 Duo processor 2.4GHz (E6600) required for 30fps recording in 640x480)". Is this statement in error? As I am trying to build a system that can record in 640 x 480 resolution at the full video frame rate. I intend to use a core 2 duo e8500 processor which exceeds the Avermedia specified minimum. Could you clarify this for me please." Avermedia in response- "Dear Customer, Depending on the hardware you have you should to able to reach 30fps with the turbo mode. The card is capable of reaching that rate but this card is software base compression is reliant on the hardware that you have to compress it rather than a hardware compression card." Me- Hi there, Thanks for the quick responses, but could you tell me specifically what hardware would be able to achieve 30fps at 640x 480, as this is what I need. Dear Customer, I would recommend either following or doing a little better that what the specification states. For example i would put 2 gigs of ram in the unit. This will not give you a solid 30fps all around but you will get close to that frame rates from what we are told. The CPU that you mention should be sufficient power for this process. I will not be able to give you exact fps at that resolution as it tends to fluctuate. Can anyone on this forum confirm that you can record 16 cameras at 30fps with a resolution of 640x480 continuously, with the 6480ex card? And if you can what hardware are you using to achieve this. Thanks...Mark
  11. golden1967

    What are casinos using

    I have a client that wants a casino quality DVR system. Can anyone tell me what the major and not so major casinos are using to capture and store video . Thanks.....Mark
  12. golden1967

    Anyone using the newest software?

    Anyone using the newest version of software How do you find it?
  13. golden1967

    pelco SD ptz ceiling install help

    Thanks for the replys- Survtech do you use 1/2"-3/4" or 1" conduit to lower pendant mount dome cameras? I've seen other installs where a conduit length is affixed to a 4" box and plate at the top and bottom and then the camera has a 11/2" threaded end that is locknut-ed to the bottom plate. Would this be similar to your method? Rooney- I have several PTZ-s that are mounted using the 11/2" rigid pipe, I just don't like the flanges, as the ones I find are cast both aluminum and iron, which can crack easily, and the pipes can be 8' in length which are quite heavy and cumbersome. I'll look into threaded aluminum pipe but I have the same concerns about the threaded flange cracking. As for the safety line, I always run a 1/16"steel safety wire from the upper roof steel through any part attached to a cast metal part. I'll probably continue this safety line with an EMT conduit mount- as it makes me feel better.( I have had other trades on a jobsite knock into camera with lift equipment)
  14. I am installing a Pelco SD series ptz from a ceiling beam. In the past I have affixed a 11/2" pipe flange to the ceiling using unistrutt, and then lowered the dome down with a length of rigid 11/2" pipe. That rigid pipe is way heavier than the camera. Does anyone use EMT conduit with fittings to lower the dome down? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  15. golden1967

    DVR survallience

    From the pix you posted, the software looks like a Wave-p card. It is a software based card. They can give you a preview at a higher resolution than what is recorded. It records at 320x200 or something like that. so when you look at it , enlarged, say at 640 x 480, you are seeing the artifacts that come with digital imagery . I did speak with Wave-p and they alluded to working on a software based encoding with d1 quality. Hope this helps you. Regards.................Mark