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  1. I'm sure that was introduced in an earlier revision firmware. As far as I know they have blocked the ability to flash an older firmware through the web interface but the TFTP flash method will let you roll back to an earlier rev in spite of what the release notes say. Please let me know if I've got that wrong.
  2. In case it was missed, Version 5.3.0 for Hikvision IP cameras has been released on the US ftp site. Anyone brave enough to try it out? I'm still sitting happily on 5.1.6 with the English language hack. I've not seen anything that would compel me to upgrade at this point. If you do try it, please report back on any findings. The accompanying release notes seem quite comprehensive.
  3. Im running PCNVR on my home server and whilst I don't know the answer to your immediate question, I thought I might offer a couple of suggestions. In PCNVR under the Disk Management menu it will list all the available drives in the the system and I would have assumed that you could select more than one drive for storage but I cant confirm that as I only have the one drive myself. If that didn't work, your alternatives are: 1. Create a RAID1 system with 2 or more drives thereby making the multiple drives appear as one large drive to the operating system with a total capacity which is the sum of the individual drives. Depending on the operating system you are using, you can actually create a software RAID1 in Windows 7 and later operating systems without needing additional hardware. Ive actually done this myself with no issues on another system. If you want to take the purist route you will need to set up a hardware RAID1 using either your computer's on-board bios or invest in a dedicated RAID card. Either option is perfectly acceptable. It really depends on your budget and computer skills. 2. If your using Windows 8 as your operating system you can use "Storage Spaces" I think its called which essentially does the same as item 1 above but Microsoft has added a nice front end to make it easier to create and manage. 3. Use any number of 3rd party apps to do something similar to points 1 and 2 above. Just google it. Its definitely possible to achieve what you want to do.
  4. Just a guess but try going back to version as i had problems with playback functionality in both the last two versions.
  5. They are people of few words Incidentally, I still can't get the "playback" to work properly since Version Obviously wasn't one of the bug fixes. See my previous post here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=44717 When I search of "Motion Events" I always get exactly 2 results of some completely random motion event. Could be up to a week old. I can see all the motion events if I do the same search directly on PCNVR. They are definitely being recorded but iVMS4200 client will no longer find them. Works perfectly if I revert back to any iVMS4200 version before I was going to send Hikvision support an email to describe the problem but cant find the right contact details.
  6. I can use the camera web interface to review the motion events but can't do the same with iVMS4200. Since my last post I tried again and iVMS4200 found two seemingly random motion events but none of the other 50-100 events that also appear when using the camera interface. I've reverted back to the previous version of iVMS4200 until this bug is fixed.
  7. I recently upgraded to the recently release version of iVMS4200 ( which has a few changes from the previous version but mainly in the way that the Playback interface work. Since upgrading, I have not been able to get the iVMS4200 client to find any motion detection events in the playback interface. When I search for motion events I only get a single event, which was the one and only event that it shows from several days earlier but since then it will not find any other motion events. I know the motion detection is work properly as I have also been recording to a router connected HDD on motion event. I found that none of the previous versions of iVMS4200 would mark all the motion events on the timeline whereas, the camera web interface very nicely shows all the motion events as orange bars. Makes it easier to see at a glance where all the activity has been. Its a shame Hikvision cant duplicate this functionality in their desktop client. I also found that at some point, I could not longer stop iVMS4200 from pre-recording on motion event. It insisted on adding a 30 second pre-record to the footage regardless of what I set in the recording advanced settings. I've tried reconfiguring the camera and clearing out the settings and starting again. I am running the latest PCNVR and that has been running fine for many months and the Playback event search worked fine in the previous version of iVMS4200 so I can only conclude that the latest version of the iVMS4200 client is not finding the motion detection events properly. Ive been using iVMS4200 for a long time now so I would like to think I know how set it up correctly. Anyone else having similar experiences?
  8. Yes, I know CBX posted some time back that 5.2.3 was available on the USA ftp for the 2cd24xx and 2cd25xx cams (and tested on the 2cd2xx) but this is specifically a 2cd2xx release so I thought it might contain some 2cd2xx specific changes, but yes, the date code on in the file seems to indicate that its the same as the 2cd24xx release. Hikvision has a history of making its firmware releases confusing at best.
  9. New firmware out on Hikvision Europe site. No change log. Personally, I'm going to stick with 5.1.6 since its been working fine. For the more adventurous among us here is the link. http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Product%20Firmware/Cameras/DS-2CD2xx2/V5.2.3%20build%20141024/ Anyone updating to this version please feedback your findings and comments.
  10. Maybe this is old news but I just noticed that there is a download link in the Hikvision Europe Download Portal containing a BETA version of iVMS4200 for Linux dated 20 Aug 2014. There seem to be a few people using Hikvision IP cams on Linux who might find this interesting. Link here: http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Software/01%20%20%20Video%20Management%20Software/00%20%20%20iVMS4200/Hikvision%20iVMS-4200%20%28Linux%29%20[beta]/
  11. Hi Don, 1. php curl and GD methods are installed on the web server. I get the following messages when running "SecureImageDisplay.php" with the debug enabled "Your web server allows the IP Cameras port to be opened using php GD methods. Your web server allows the IP Cameras port to be opened using php Curl methods." 2. I set $ipcam_url to "http://IP:80/onvif/snapshot". This url does not require user/password authentication and when entered directly into a browser will return a snapshot image from my camera. 3. I have also edited the remaining php files with the necessary IP addresses for my server and paths as indicated in the files. After doing all the above, I have commented out the debug line "$check_for_blocked_port = true" with a "#" Finally, I uncommented "#include("RestrictToSecureImageDisplayHtm.php");" and only this line in "SecureImageDisplay.php" When I try running "RestrictToSecureImageDisplayHtm.php" from my browser, I get the "Accessed Denied" graphic in response. I also tried the alternate "RestrictToSecureImageDisplayLogin.php" after commenting out the alternate line and get the same "Access Denied" graphic. Interestingly, I don't get prompted for a User/Pass when calling "RestrictToSecureImageDisplayLogin.php" which I was expecting to get. Sorry, I cant provide more information. As I mentioned I have another web facing site running on the same server using php which works so I am reasonably confident the php is running.
  12. Also. Here are secure methods to do this. That can also support allowing PTZ controls as well better bandwidth control: http://foscam.us/forum/showing-secure-methods-using-php-to-display-your-ip-cameras-t8721.html While the demonstrations above are using Foscam IP Camera models. They do work for any other IP Camera models or Imaging devices that support HTTP or HTTPS access methods. The methods allow any Internet browser capable device running on any Operating System and using any browser to be able to see your IP Camera. Without the need to download/install anything or be required to have specific media players installed on any device, to do so. Don Hi Guys Anyone managed to get Don's scripts working for the Hikvision dome cams? (ie. 2cd2xx2 or simiilar series). I've tried and failed abysmally... I have very little knowledge on setting up web pages but I have managed to install PHP and IIS and have another web facing site up and running. I followed the instructions in the ZIP files supplied and managed to get as far as testing the "SecureImageDisplay.php" but never found the right syntax to put in the script for pulling the snapshot from my Hikvision 2cd2332. I tried both http://IP:80/onvif/snapshot and also http://IP:80/Streaming/channels/1/picture (user: admin pass: 12345) both of which work when entered directly into a web browser. Since then I have managed to get myself in mess and now get an "Internal Server Error" when trying to pull up the "SecureImageDisplayLogin.php" page. I've removed everything and started from scratch but still get the same error. Anyone have this working with Hikvision?
  13. This problem was reportedly fixed in Version 5.1.2. firmware according to the release notes. At least that's what I interpreted the note as meaning. Taken from 5.1.2 release notes: "Solved: Cameras with 3MP may flicker in high light scene" I haven't had the problem since updating but I think the issue for me only occurs during the summer months when the sun is a lot more intense and objects in the scene are particularly bright and contrasty. Next summer will be the true test.
  14. It doesn't look like you have the IR switched on?
  15. I can positively confirm the Chinese cams updated to firmware 5.1.2 or later no longer are able to be used with iVMS4200. I have been using iVMS4200 on my cams since version 5.0 firmware but after updating to 5.1.2 the no longer worked without the hack. I did the experiment myself and using the English hack the cams work fine but if I update them with the Chinese firmware without the hack iVMS4200 will no longer see them. It's possible that the block on Chinese cams was only introduced into iVMS4200 in the most recent release. It seems likely that iVMS4200 would need to check the cam somehow and determine if it is a Chinese or US cam before allowing it to be used. The check is obviously not serial number related as the serial number still contains the CCH reference indicating a Chinese cam so it must be just checking the language marker somehow.