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  1. jayrech

    Guardian Expert setup help please!

    Not sure but we've had AT&T internet all these years and the technician came out did inside and outside work then swapped the router. I would think that he forearded the ports as well but I'm not sure.
  2. We just upgraded internet speed resulting in getting a new router. I've replaced the old IP address with the new router IP address but I can't seem to get it to connect on my phone to access live view. Is there anything else I need to change? Please let me know what I can do. I've already googled and looked at youtube. Thank you so much!
  3. jayrech

    EagleEyes (lite) Help needed

    I tried and the IP address hasn't changed. If EagleEye help isn't available, are there any other app I can use?
  4. Can someone tell me how to setup EagleEyes Lite so I can view my business from remote locations via PC or Android? It was working fine until the internet was down one day. I would really appreciate your help.