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  1. Cool thanks Brad for the info..Any recommendation on a 16 channel hybrid DVR? was just looking at this Dahua here, i know Boogieman recomeeded something like this..thansk for your helpo https://jet.com/product/detail/1fa9fdf7396f48978df61e562c6b2cf2?jcmp=pla:ggl:NJ_dur_Gen_Tools_Home_Improvement_a1:Tools_Home_Improvement_Safety_Security_Equipment_Home_Security_Surveillance_a1:na:PLA_784744695_42602150073_pla-306778603384:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&pid=kenshoo_int&c=784744695&is_retargeting=true&clickid=31b24b89-d8c8-47fd-83e4-553dbbb7fb88
  2. hi cant replace it with same one, cant find it and they don't make it anymore. Id like to just upgrade to HD Ill check out the Dahua. thanks
  3. Hi i have a Qsee 4760 analog dvr that died...just says system initializing and hangs there..What would you recommend as a replacement??. I was looking om AliExpress for a DVR, there but what would be a direct replacement..thanks
  4. Hi, im interested in this is as well..IS the 4mp better for night vision? than the 3mp. thanks
  5. That's what i thought too Boogieman..What would be a good dome camera to go with this Qsee package? maybe something direct from china, I need for domes. I want to upgrade to HD as ive been on analog for years. Most dahua ip 2mp/3mp amd probably their new 4mp domes should work with that NVR... cool, thanks for the info.
  6. That's what i thought too Boogieman..What would be a good dome camera to go with this Qsee package? maybe something direct from china, I need for domes. I want to upgrade to HD as ive been on analog for years.
  7. That is quite tempting. What do you think about the Swann kit? http://www.costco.com//.product.100144944.html?utm_campaign=bazaarvoice&utm_medium=SearchVoice&utm_source=RatingsAndReviews&utm_content=Default I wish these systems had better reviews, the Swann looks decent. That kit is way overpriced...The 3mp are not the greatest when it comes to night vision...you need to disable wdr (or keep it low) and turn up the noise reduction.. what about this one? http://www.costco.com/Q-See-16-Channel-IP-NVR-with-3TB-HDD%2c-12-3MP-Cameras-with-100'-Night-Vision.product.100220054.html
  8. jazzgtrl4

    Anyone tried these Q-see HD Analog systems yet??

    HI anyone tried this Qsee system, what do you think..1080p analog HD ? using better wires would probably help alot http://www.costco.com/Q-See-16-Channel-HD-1080p-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-8-1080p-Cameras.product.100159617.html
  9. Whats do you guys think of this deal at Costco. Doesnt look to bad..Is this an older system? not sure. wait ok its their analog HD, but at 1080? i thought that was 960h or 720.. http://www.costco.com/Q-See-16-Channel-HD-1080p-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-8-1080p-Cameras.product.100159617.html
  10. jazzgtrl4

    who makes the camera for this Swann sytem?

    Hi yes i did see your posts and then saw this deal. Hows the night vision? thanks
  11. Hi saw this pop on costco, looked pretty good. who makes the cameras for Swann is it Hikvision? http://www.costco.com/.product.100144938.html
  12. jazzgtrl4

    NVR security system below $1500?

    this one just came up http://www.costco.com/.product.100144938.html
  13. Perhaps it's because most residential installations are mounted up in places like eaves which are usually painted white? A white camera blends in naturally on a house with white trim. I second the recommendation for the Kyrlon Camo ultra-flat spray paint. I have painted several of my outdoor cam housings and this paint holds up quite well. Cool, good to know its been done with the camo paint.
  14. Man i like that camo color!! good idea.. haaa..Ill just have some white spray paint handy if anything goes wrong.
  15. That sucks, white cameras do me no good. i live in the desert, dark painted house, desert colors....white cams against browns/dark browns looks like ****. Plus i like my cams to be be hidden, up under eves..etc. any other ideas?