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    Inside a Balun

    Hi folks Not sure if dredging up an old post is frowned upon...if it is then I'm sure a mod will give me a good ticking off. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on the quality of baluns that I have recently purchased. I have examined pictures uploaded by the OP, mine don;t seem too much different. Any advice from anyone?
  2. @MindTwist Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the quick reply and help. I have searched for the type of balun you have used and I've found them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281056079186 Interestingly, looking at the diagram for your balun, it looks as though it's only the video connectors that have the 'impedance converter' between them. Power and audio/PTZ seem to be straight through. If anyone disagrees with this statement PLEASE do let me know! However if I want your balun they would have to come from China and I dont have time for that, so I'll probably stick to the ones that I'm able to source from a local eBay seller: I'm not trying to do things on the cheap, I'm just trying to work out the best way to wire up my cameras and DVR in a clear and easy to maintain manner AND more importantly so that I can use a power distributor / surge protector: Hooking all of these things up including a PTZ camera will be a little fiddly, I just need to make sure I full know what I'm doing before embarking on this 'mission'
  3. Hi folks. I'm a newbie wally as you can see. However I'm not new to the worls of fourms so I've done a search before asking this question, but sadly couldn't find the answer. And so I thought it's be best to ask the enlightened folk who generously contribute to this forum. I'm on the cusp of starting my own DIY CCTV installation in my new home, with standard analogue (700tvl) cameras connected to the DVR via cat5e/cat6 cable. I'll be having two bullet style cameras, one vari-focal dome, one dome with PTZ and lastly one indoor mini-dome with a separate microphone connected. All will be 700tvl (not that that matters). The cable runs / camera locations will be a maximum of 35 metres from the DVR. Moving on to the questions, I'm contemplating at purchasing these baluns: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220987890516 1) I know that the video signal requires transformer at each end in order to successfully transmit the video signal from point A to point B using cat5/6 cable. My question is however relates to the audio and power parts of the balun, is also some transformer or circuitry between the power / audio or are these STRAIGHT -through? 2) Also reagrding the above type of balun, would I be able to hack-off the audio connectors and instead use the audio cables to tranmit the ptz/rs485 signals instead of audio? 3) Now if I'm right about only the video signal needing the baluns, then I have another option. I'm thus also toying with the idea of using baluns for the video (one twisted pair), and STANDARD screw-on type terminals for the audio / ptz (one twisted pair) and power (two twisted pairs), would this work? The standard screw on-type terminals that I'm referring to don't have any trasformer in them I believe, example given below: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190802003356 4) Last question (I promise) is there any beneift of using cat6 over cat5e for CCTV installations? Thank you very much for anyone who can help to answer any of the above questions, and helping a desperate noob.