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  1. JW_LEES

    AHD Camera with Night Time Hum Bars

    Hi, I have moved the camera about 1.5m from the sat dishes and alarm box. The problem is greatly reduced and is now bearable, so it must be interference from one of the other devices. Many thanks for your help.
  2. JW_LEES

    AHD Camera with Night Time Hum Bars

    Many thanks for your advice, I am going to move the camera to a position with no sat dishes or alarm boxes near bye and see what happens.
  3. JW_LEES

    AHD Camera with Night Time Hum Bars

    Do you think a ground loop isolator would be any use ?
  4. JW_LEES

    AHD Camera with Night Time Hum Bars

    Hi, I am using pre-made coax with BNC connectors
  5. I am using a 4 camera AvTech AHD system which worked fine using standard cameras, I recently upgraded two of the cameras to AHD, all is fine during daylight but one camera is picking up rolling hum bars at night. I swapped it with the other new AHD camera and the problems is the same, I also re-routed all the coax cables so that there is no mains cables in the vicinity for at least 2 metres. But no change, all the cameras are bolted to brickwork. I have noticed that this camera is located between two small satellite dishes approx. 0.5m either side. Has anyone experienced RF interference from sat. dishes ? John
  6. Hi, I have an AvTech KPD675D DVR when I back up a video file (about 500MB in length) to my PC and play it back using the AvTech Player it works fine, if I convert it to AVI using the AvTech built in coverter so it can be viewed elsewhere etc. I end up with several hundred little AVI files which are about 100KBs which I cannot play using any players such as VLC, Windows Media etc. I would have expected the conversion to produce one AVI file ? Has anybody else had this problem, or can anyone offer any suggestions. Kind Regards. John